Steven and Olga reunite with son Alex just days after revealing latest 90 Day Fiance split

Steven and Olga co-parent for Alex
Steven and Olga share the joys of raising son Alex together. Pic credit: Instagram/@koshimbetova

Married 90 Day Fiance stars Steve Frend and Olga Koshimbetova announced their separation on social media after only one year of marriage. Then, just days later, the two proved to at least be civil because they were back together, spending time with their son.

The separation announcement came from Steve, who wrote on Instagram, “People keep asking if Olga and I are [together] but the answer is, we went into this super blindly,” Steven wrote.

“There’s a lot the show left out that’ll have people confused but we have learned a lot about each other over this whole journey but we’re better at being coparents to our boy. We’re both civil and cause no drama because our son’s mental health is too priority.”

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Olga confirmed the news soon after in response to a 90 Day Fiance fan question about rumors of a split. She wrote, “I have not written a post on this topic, but at the moment, as a couple, we are not together. Hopefully, all for the best, but for now, I don’t want to comment on this.”

Steven and Olga reunite for Alex

On October 17, In Touch claimed that the couple who had split just four days ago was seen back together again.

Proof was provided via a video on an Instagram post in which Steven shared his skateboarding skills in Bowie, Maryland.

The Washington, D.C., suburb where the friendly event took place is where Steven lives.

In the clip, Steven could be skateboarding in the street and Alex was also seen playing in the video. Olga was reportedly filming the two and as Steven rode his skateboard, she could be heard saying, “I hope that skate is not gonna hit him when he’s behind you.”

The pair, who appeared on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance, met on a beach in Maryland in 2017 when she was in the U.S. visiting. This chance meeting turned into a serious relationship between the then 21 year-olds who appeared on the TLC show.

Steven met Olga, a brunette beauty from Russia

Olga, a self-proclaimed dreamer from Russia, was on a holiday from her home country when she met and started dating Steven.

Not long after that, Olga found out she was pregnant.

After learning that she was going to have their child, Olga went back to Russia with Steven (and a reality TV film crew) in tow. There, he proposed to Olga and they waited for her K-1 visa to be approved.

Unfortunately, Olga’s fiance visa seemed to be taking longer than anticipated. So, the 90 Day Fiance star stayed in her home country and gave birth to Alex in April 2019.

To her surprise, the reason for the visa’s delay was because Steven never applied for one in the first place, even though he had said he did.

The lie meant the couple, who still seemed very much in love, needed to rely on a long-distance relationship to keep them together.

After procuring her fiance visa, Olga joined Steven in the U.S. On August 8, 2019, Steven and Olga let their social media fans know they had married.

“We are officially husband and wife,” said Steven as the pair posed with baby Alex along with their official marriage certificate.

A courthouse in Maryland was said to have made their relationship official.

The family of three stayed together for a full year as Olga and Steven struggled with their relationship. But then, as they faced facts, the couple amicably split.

Apparently, Steven is good to his word since he and Olga were spotted enjoying themselves as they watched their son have fun even though they were no longer living as husband and wife.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus. 

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