Stephanie Matto says she’ll never sell her poop, quit asking

Stephanie Matto reveals she will not be selling her poop.
Stephanie Matto reveals why she will not be selling her poop. Pic credit: STEPANKA/YouTube

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum, Stephanie Matto has recently taken to her Instagram account to address viewers who consistently ask her about her future business ventures. 

As many may know, Stephanie is best known for her infamous farts in a jar. 

Stephanie was at the height of her career when she had a scary incident that landed her in the hospital. 

Because of that incident, Stephanie had to dial back and seek other avenues to make money. Still, many of her loyal fans have insisted that Stephanie try out an even smellier idea, which would be for her to sell her poop. 

Stephanie has addressed the issue in a Q and A session via her Instagram story. 

One fan asked a question about Stephanie selling her poop. The fan asked, “Any plans of auctioning your poop?” 

Stephanie replied, “selling your (poop emoji) is illegal guys. Please stop asking for this (laughing face emoji).” 

Stephanie shares why she will not be selling her poop.
Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

Stephanie Matto is looking forward to the future 

In Stephanie’s Instagram story, Q and A, one fan asked Stephanie what is next for her future, and Stephanie said, “I am working on being overall more zen and happy. Focusing on me, being healthy, my relationship, making good financial decisions, traveling, and that’s all I can hope for (praise hands, red heart emoji).”

Stephanie shares whats next for her future.
Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

Although Stephanie has no intentions of selling her poop in a jar, she has admitted to selling other bodily fluids and exotic things to make a pretty penny

In a recent YouTube video, Stephanie listed the craziest things she’s ever sold online, which included the infamous farts in a jar, fart-scented candles, boob sweat, and feet shavings. 

Stephanie admitted that fart jars were just the tip of the iceberg regarding the exotic pleasantries she’d sold online. 

Stephanie Matto gets real with 90 Day Fiance fans

Another fan asked Stephanie to share something about herself she wished more people knew. 

The fan asked, “what’s one thing you wish more people knew about you?”

Stephanie replied, “that my social media me is for entertainment, and I am really more down to earth than most think. And I wish people didn’t take me so seriously -a lot of what I do is for laughs.”

Stephanie wishes people didn't take her so seriously.
Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

Despite Stephanie not partaking in selling her poop as another business venture, she will continue to come up with creative products to satisfy the demand of her customers. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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