Stephanie Matto says she was fired by ‘high-profile’ athlete after he got flirty with the 90 Day Fiance star

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Stephanie claims she lost a nannying position after some fishy circumstances transpired. Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

90 Day Fiance personality Stephanie Matto has made some pretty scandalous claims in recent years.

In her latest assertion, she says she was fired by a professional athlete, and she’s spilling all of the piping hot tea.

Stephanie is opening up about her former job as a nanny while living in New York City on the Upper West Side. She says that her boss’s behavior was suspicious and may have contributed to her getting fired.

The TLC star took to TikTok to upload two videos, explaining that while living in NYC while in acting school, she took on a nannying position for a family in the area.

“I was fired from my nannying job with a high-profile family, and I’ve never shared this because I signed an NDA, but I’m going to try to say the story in a way that gives you guys just enough clues,” she told her TikTok followers.

Stephanie says the unidentified family hired her “immediately” after learning she met the credentials they were looking for: someone who was bilingual and involved in the arts.

Stephanie’s job entailed caring for the daughter of a “very high-profile person in sports” and his wife.

She admitted the job was easy enough, given that the girl she nannied was “super well-behaved.”

Stephanie Matto says her former boss’s behavior raised red flags

“But there was one thing that was very, very strange, and that was the father,” Stephanie said, going into some details about the mystery athlete’s behavior in front of her.

Admittedly, Stephanie didn’t see the father very much, but every so often, he’d come to the house during her shift and “would just hang out” with her and his daughter.

Stephanie didn’t think much of it until the father began asking questions that, in hindsight, she felt were red flags.

Once, when she told him that she was in acting school, he responded, “Oh, I should have figured. You’re so beautiful,” something that doesn’t sit right with her in retrospect.

During another instance, Stephanie felt uncomfortable when the father came into the kitchen where she was cutting up some food and allegedly pressed his body against hers to get to a drawer.

Stephanie implies that her former boss got flirty with her in her DMs

Stephanie’s suspicions intensified when she noticed a new Instagram follower. The account’s profile pic included the logo of a sports team, and soon after following her, the person behind the account began sending her flirty DMs.

According to the 90 Day Fiance star, the mystery profile would slide into her DMs, telling her things like, “You’re so very beautiful. I wish I could get a chance to get to know you.”

One day, when the father came home during one of her shifts, she finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized it was he who owned the account when he was wearing a hat with the same sports logo as the Instagram account.

“My heart sank into my stomach,” Stephanie said of her realization.

Stephanie DMed the Instagram account, writing “to tell them that if it is who I think it is, they need to stop.”

The 90 Day Fiance star says she was fired shortly after asking her admirer to stop flirting with her

The account unfollowed Stephanie within hours of her sending the DM, and then, after two days, there was yet another bizarre occurrence: she was fired from her nannying position.

Stephanie received a text from the family letting her know that her services were no longer required.

“Was it the father? Was it just a coincidence? I’m not sure,” Stephanie revealed to her TikTok followers.

Since then, Stephanie has decided she will no longer nanny for “rich people,” but it doesn’t seem like she needs to anyway, having made a mint via her unusual business ventures.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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