Stacey Silva undergoes emergency surgery, thanks fans while in ‘recovery mode’

stacey silva ig reel december 2023
Stacey records a Reel to share her weight-loss secrets. Pic credit: @staceysilvatv/Instagram

TLC star Stacey Silva is recovering after undergoing emergency surgery.

The 49-year-old reality TV personality shared a photo of herself over the weekend as she lay in a hospital bed.

Stacey looked as though she was either sleeping or still dealing with the aftereffects of anesthesia as she closed her eyes in the photo.

She was still clad in a blue surgical bouffant-style cap and a hospital gown, wearing a mask on her face.

Stacey was covered in blankets and still hooked up to IVs and monitors and sported a bandage and cotton ball on her right hand where she seemingly had an IV as well.

It’s unclear who snapped the photo of Stacey, but we presume it was either her husband, Florian Sukaj, or her twin sister, Darcey Silva.

Stacey Silva is recovering from emergency surgery

In the caption of the upload, Stacey shared, “Had emergency surgery yesterday.”

stacey silva posts a photo to instagram from the hospital following emergency surgery
Stacey is recovering from emergency surgery. Pic credit: @staceysilvatv/Instagram

The mom of two continued, “Thank you for all your prayers, positive vibes and well wishes ❤ still in recovery mode now 🙏.”

Stacey didn’t share additional details about the reason for her emergency surgery or where she was recovering, and Florian and Darcey have remained quiet about it on Instagram as well.

Stacey has remained tight-lipped about the reason for her most recent surgery

Typically, we’d surmise that Stacey was going under the knife electively, given her penchant for plastic surgery procedures, but it’s obvious that this time around, Stacey didn’t choose to be operated on.

Stacey is no stranger to surgeries, however — she’s had a facelift, a fox eye procedure, a cheek lift, nose job revision, breast uplift, lip lift, and 360 high-definition Vaser liposuction, to name a few.

Stacey also underwent an ESG surgery — also known as endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty or “suture sculpt” — last year, so it’s possible that Stacey suffered a complication.

The minimally invasive surgery, although considered “one of the safest” weight-loss procedures available, still comes with its share of possible side effects.

Johns Hopkins Medicine states that patients who undergo an ESG may suffer from serious complications such as bleeding, infection, tears in the stomach, abscesses, stomach contents leaking into the chest or abdominal cavity, pulmonary embolisms (also known as a blood clot in the lungs), or collapsed lungs.

Stacey was hospitalized earlier this month for an undisclosed reason

The news of Stacey’s surgery comes on the heels of another recent hospitalization, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

Earlier this month, the House of Eleven co-founder uploaded two videos of herself hooked up to medical apparatuses at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Stacey was again clad in green medical scrubs and was hooked up to IVs in her arms, wearing a medical bracelet on her wrist.

Stacey didn’t provide any details about her encounter at the time other than the location, and we’re not sure if Stacey’s hospitalizations are related or not.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus.

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