Stacey Silva slams Darcey Silva, tells her why she can’t keep a man

A close-up Instagram photo of Stacey Silva from Darcey & Stacey.
On Season 4 of Darcey & Stacey, Stacey Silva told her sister she’s to blame for her failed relationships. Pic credit: @staceysilvatv/Instagram

Darcey and Stacey Silva are back for Season 4 of Darcey & Stacey, and the sibling rivalry is already in full swing on the first episode.

The dynamic duo bought a second home in scenic Miami, and the stress of moving got the best of Darcey, who was frustrated with the process and took it out on Stacey when she offered to help with her makeup or unpacking before a yacht party with their friends.

Darcey felt the tone was condescending and told her sister she didn’t like to be treated like a baby. Stacey did not appreciate the attitude, and she let her know the bad attitude was her biggest problem.

Stacey let Darcey know her lousy attitude was driving men away, and that’s why she’s lonely and can’t keep a partner. She also made sure to note that Darcey is miserable because she lacks the intimacy to make her happy.

Later, at the yacht party, Stacey said, “Maybe you would be happier if you got laid.”

For Darcey, the hurtful comments were too much. She’s been unlucky in love for years with men who don’t return her energy and haven’t been a good fit for the 47-year-old entrepreneur. Unfortunately, she has repeatedly chosen men that used her for money and clout.

Stacey is engaged to her fiance, Florian, and often brags to her sister and others about their relationship being idealistic despite their petty arguments, jealousy, and accusations of infidelity on Florian’s part. Florian denied the affair to Stacey’s satisfaction, but Darcey wasn’t so convinced.

Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev split after getting engaged in Season 3 of Darcey & Stacey

Georgi’s second proposal came at the end of Season 3 on the beach at sunset with Darcey’s daughters Aspen and Anniko as witnesses. But the lack of trust and financial issues were too much for Darcey, so she left Georgi in 2022 in search of the man that would fulfill her power couple dream.

Georgi had the looks but not the bank account Darcey required to satisfy her need for security and status. The couple tried counseling to work out their issues but did one session before becoming engaged.

The sisters planned their dream of having a twin wedding, but it became a concern for Stacey and Florian with the tumultuous off-and-on status of the couple. To have their dream wedding as twins would mean a lot of time, money, and planning. Georgi’s financial woes had them wondering if they would also be footing the bill.

When the twins revealed their wedding plans to their father, Mike, he was vehemently against it. He felt that Darcey and Georgi didn’t have a realistic view of their own relationship. The confrontation sent their already strained relationship into a tailspin. The relationship was over after the volatile Darcey & Stacey Tell All episode, which Georgi refused to participate in. Darcey also revealed at the Tell All that she paid for her own ring.

Stacey Silva lets her sister know she’s not waiting for her to find a man for their twin wedding ceremony

At the beginning of Season 4, Stacey and Florian confessed they no longer want to wait for the wedding ceremony until Darcey can find a suitor for their glam twin wedding. The confession was a reminder for Darcey that her goals to find her dream man have failed so far.

It must have had her feeling some type of way because the argument between the two sisters had Darcey mocking the closeness of Stacey and Florian’s relationship before the blow-up. It didn’t help that she was having anxiety about looking good for a yacht party, so she could find Mr. Right. Darcey admitted she didn’t feel encouraged by her sister, only judged.

Stacey had a different take on the argument feeling like her sister was jealous of her relationship with Florian. Darcey was able to find the perfect look for their yacht party, but she was still salty about the interaction, and it sparked another argument at the end of the evening. Stacey repeated that she thinks Darcey ruins her own relationship.

Despite the ongoing argument, the potential for finding a partner is looking good for Darcey, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Do you think Darcey will ever find the man of her dreams? Do you think Stacey is being fair about her sister’s relationship problems?

Darcey & Stacey streams Mondays on Discovery+ and airs Monday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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