Stacey Silva shares the one thing she gets ‘made fun of a lot’ for: ‘It makes me unique’

stacey silva confessional S1 E5
Stacey shared that she was made fun of as a child for her skin disorder. Pic credit: TLC

TLC star Stacey Silva is embracing the disease, which has become part of her identity.

The Darcey & Stacey star is opening up about her skin disorder, vitiligo and hopes to become a spokesperson for the disease someday.

Stacey, 49, recently went into detail about her vitiligo — a condition that causes the loss of skin color in blotches — and told her fans that despite being bullied for it in her younger years, she’s learned to embrace what makes her different.

On Reddit, a 90 Day Fiance viewer uploaded a screenshot of Stacey’s response to an Instagram user in which she opened up about her struggles.

In the comment, Stacey explained that she has vitiligo on her right eyebrow and her forehead in a triangle shape.

“I used to get made fun of a lot when i was younger. I guess it still happens sometimes,” Stacey revealed. “I embrace it though.”

Stacey Silva aspires to be a vitiligo spokesperson

Stacey continued that it had become part of her identity and made her feel “unique and different.”

“I rock it natural sometimes,” Stacey noted, adding that other times, she dyes the hair on her right eyebrow for symmetry.

Stacey hopes to advocate for the disease in the future, telling her fans, “My hopes is to one day be a spokesperson for vitiligo awareness in any way I can to help others with vitiligo as well.”

Despite Stacey’s optimism in her comment, Redditors reacted to the post, and most of them had less than complimentary things to say about the House of Eleven co-founder.

Critics take aim at Stacey’s comments

One such Redditor mocked Stacey’s love of plastic surgery in their comment, which read, “I have vitiligo on my right eyebrow and a tiny triangle on my forehead.”

“Thats what I get made fun of for, not the hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery I’ve undergone to make myself look like a Crank Yankers puppet.”

90 day fiance viewers comment on stacey silva's comment on reddit
Pic credit: u/IntrovertGal1102/Reddit

“Yeah like she should be a spokesperson for self acceptance,” added one Redditor.

Another critic took aim at Stacey’s statement, commenting, “A spokesperson for what? Filters? That’s the only thing she can be a spokesperson for.”

“As someone who also has vitiligo, ABSOLUTELY F**KING NOT,” added someone else.

Stacey ‘loves’ her skin disorder: ‘I am beautiful’

Last year, as Monsters and Critics reported, Stacey shared that as a child, a boy on her school bus used to call her “Bermuda Triangle” because of the triangle-shaped patch of vitiligo on her face.

But Stacey made it clear that she’s since learned to love herself and not worry about the names she’s been called.

She posted a screenshot from an article on Instagram in March 2023, and in the caption, she wrote, “I love my VITILIGO!!! I Am Beautiful ❤️”

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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