Sonja Morgan responds to Bethenny Frankel’s claims she was nearly fired from RHONY

RHONY alum Sonja Morgan.
Sonja Morgan weighed in on Bethenny Frankel’s claims she was nearly fired from RHONY. Pic credit: © Brooks/AdMedia

Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan shared her thoughts after hearing about her former co-star Bethenny Frankel’s claims that she saved Sonja from being fired from the franchise.

Bethenny recently launched a brand new podcast called ReWives. According to the show’s description, Bethenny will “rehash, revisit and rewatch the most iconic episodes from all of your favorite [Real Housewives] cities.”

In the podcast’s first episode, Bethenny relived an episode from her time on RHONY alongside podcast guest, actress Elisabeth Moss.

While delving into her time on the show, Bethenny made claims she saved Sonja from being fired back in Season 10.

According to Bethenny, it was thanks to her “stirring” Sonja up that she was able to retain her full-time RHONY status.

However, Sonja refuted Bethenny’s recent claims and says she managed to stay on the show simply for being who she is.

RHONY alum Sonja Morgan refutes Bethenny Frankel’s claims that she was almost fired from the franchise, says she was ‘gold’

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Sonja opened up about Bethenny’s comments and shared that it wasn’t Bethenny who kept Sonja on the show. Instead, Sonja shared that she did it all by herself, indicating that she managed to keep her RHONY status by being herself.

“The top executives, meaning not the producers on the ground, always told me that they could count on me to get epic material at the townhouse with #TeamSonja,” she shared in a statement to the outlet.

Sonja carried on to explain she had been told that filming with her consistently resulted in “gold” material for the franchise.

They said they could always get gold filming me even just talking to my poodle, not even having to have a conversation with a person,” she added.

Despite having to set the record straight, Sonja maintains she holds no grudges against Bethenny and still believes her friend has her best interest at heart.

“I love Bethenny, and she always has my back,” Sonja noted. “That’s for sure.”

Bethenny alleges producers were ready to let Sonja go, says her co-star was a ‘disaster’

While Sonja may not have any negative feelings towards Bethenny for her belief that she’s the reason Sonja was able to keep her apple, Bethenny seemingly has no problem taking the credit.

During the episode in question, Bethenny elaborated to guest Elisabeth Moss that she had been made aware of Sonja’s potential firing, but she didn’t want to see her friend cut from the show despite being a “disaster.”

So, to help her co-star out, Bethenny said she brought up some drama to help stir the pot.

“…It lit up Sonja and she launched and she did not get let go,” Bethenny explained. “That was an absolute fact. I have the receipts.”

Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus.

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