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Some Survivor fans upset by ‘Cookout 2.0’ after The Cookout dominated Big Brother 23

New Survivor Alliance
Deshawn Radden, Shantel Smith, and Liana Wallace have stated they want to work together on Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A Survivor 41 alliance formed during the last episode of the show that some viewers have dubbed “The Cookout 2.0” as a reference to what happened on Big Brother 23 this past summer.

On Episode 6 of Survivor 41, Shantel “Shan” Smith, Liana Wallace, DeShawn Radden, and Danny McCray agreed to work together for the rest of the season and keep each other safe at Tribal Council. Almost as soon as the segment aired, some Survivor fans were on social media calling the quartet “The Cookout 2.0.”

Within the Big Brother 23 cast, six people got together to form The Cookout alliance early in the season, and they took it all the way to the end of the season. That alliance made up each spot of the final six and the winner, Xavier Prather, emerged from it.

Can “The Cookout 2.0” make it all the way to the end of Survivor 41 and lead to a winner? We will have to keep tuning in on Wednesday nights to find out.

Some Survivor fans mad about ‘Cookout 2.0’ forming

Below are just a few of the posts that have been made on social media where people professing to be Survivor fans expressed frustration and even anger about Shan, Liana, DeShawn, and Danny working together.

Mark Kevin Garrison, who says that he is from Florence, South Carolina, called the new alliance “racist” and wanted everyone to know.

Survivor Racist Claim
An unhappy Survivor fan wants the world to know his thoughts. Pic credit: @markkgarrison/Twitter

Then there is Benny, who says he is “specifically” choosing to root “against the black players” on the Survivor 41 cast.

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Benny Roots Against Survivor
Benny shared his thoughts on how racism should work. Pic credit: @Benny76776290/Twitter

A Twitter user calling himself Uncle Dickie from Erie, Pennsylvania wanted everyone to know that he won’t be watching another episode of Survivor 41 after he watched the new alliance say they were going to work together.

Survivor Fan Tuning Out
One Survivor fan wants everyone to know he is not watching the show now. Pic credit: @Khagz1992/Twitter

Some Survivor fans love ‘The Cookout 2.0’

Here are some Survivor fans who are loving that “The Cookout 2.0” exists on Survivor 41.

Survivor 41 was filmed before Big Brother 23

It’s important to point out that Survivor 41 was filmed in Fiji before Big Brother 23 was filmed in the United States this past summer. That makes it technically incorrect to call the Survivor alliance a 2.0 when it was created before The Cookout was formed on Big Brother.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS. Celebrity Big Brother debuts on CBS in Winter 2022.

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    Hey uneducated dummy, the national average classroom size is 16 and the percentage of blacks in America is 12, which means there would not be more than 1 black person in each classroom. It is what it is. If you don’t like it, you have 2 choices, either go to a ghetto school or move to Africa for classrooms consisting of more than 1 black person. Dint think so. So quit playing victim, shut your dumb racist pie hole and deal with it.

  2. come on in GUYS! “a transgender pregnant man” .. like wtaf? then we have an undiverse unrealistic unequal bag of blacks and misc mixed bag of others covering the full gamut, including an indian from india, but wait a sec, there are no native american indians in the cast?! uh.. like wtaf probst? blacks making alliances within seconds of meeting strangers solely based on skin color, AGAIN… cbs and big brother fiji, I mean survivor, are pathetic. with shows like this is it really any wonder why 21st century americans are now the laughing stock of the world? I mean really. wont be watching another episode of this psa crt pc sjw anti-white-straight-male woke crap or any future seasons of any cbs show for that matter. bye felica!

  3. Awww…swimming in wypipo tears…How many of you said anything when all-female alliances were formed EVERY SEASON on Survivor? Black people have been treated as “other” in American societies since America was created, and now that we are embracing it you’re boo-hooing because you’re now the “outsider” you’ve thrust Black people into for centuries. Now you’re pushing for “equality”? Shaddap.

    • I complained about the all female alliances every time too. That is no exception as it is sexist and this is racist. If an all white alliance was formed they would be killed when they got back to the US.

  4. How is this racist on any level? People on this show have created alliances for a million reasons – heck one season even divided the tribes by color alone. How may female alliances, young people alliances, old guys alliances (the list goes on) have we seen. Most of these alliances break apart & this one may as well as the players get to know each other. Let’s not play the “this is racist” card because a group of people got together based on their shared history. It really is just a game!

  5. Yawn… hey dummy! look up the word racism, if you can read that is.. what these uneducated ghetto scum are doing is by definition racism. And by supporting it, you are also a dumb racist. These hypocrites are always looking for shortcuts, handouts, playing the race victim card. Boo hoo, poor baby. “History” you say?! Try learning some FFS. Throughout recorded history, blacks not only invented the slave trade in Africa, they have been equally, if not more, responsible for the discrimination and extermination of other races in and outside of the USA, going back thousands of years. Look what they did to Europeans. Look what they did to native American Indians. Look what they did to early 20th century Irish and Italian immigrants to the USA. On and on and on. The epitome of hypocrisy. You are not immune to accountability. It’s called karma. You reap what you sew and will continue to spiral down. These rigged CBS games mean nothing to the real world events happening. Blacks will continue to kill other blacks at a record setting pace and then cry foul against whites when caught and removed from society. Again, its on YOU! And good riddance.

  6. The real racists in America today are blacks and these unrelated CBS shows filmed at different times in different places with cast members from different states and backgrounds with no prior relationships prove it. What they’ve done, banding together and targeting others solely based on skin color, is the very definition of racial discrimination. All you ignorant naysayers are hypocrites and no better than the racist cast themselves. CBS has been evicted from this house once and for all.

  7. so this is what racism looks like. the smirks and laughter on the faces of those 3 bigots in the photo above show nothing but pure evil hate. but by all means please do enjoy your time on americas dime while it lasts for in the end you wont escape karma and will be held accountable for your actions. you are digging your own graves.

  8. The best part is, Omarosa was the first to be evicted! The only black cast member and out within 24 hours!!!! Hilarious!!! The Ausi’s arent spineless or racist like black Americans on CBS shows.


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