Sister Wives: Who is Kody Brown’s friend Nathan Dilts and how is he related to the Browns?

Nathan has appeared on Sister Wives as Kody’s fellow polygamous friend. Pic credit: Discovery+

This season on Sister Wives, viewers were introduced to some of Kody Brown‘s guy pals.

That included Kody’s brother, Michael Brown, as well as two of his friends, Brian Coalwell and Nathan Dilts.

During Season 18, Episode 3, viewers will remember when Kody met up with the trio to whine about his divorce from Christine.

As Janelle explained, when Kody would meet up with his friends once a week early in their marriage, they referred to it as “Testosterone Tuesday.” As Kody called it, it’s like a “men’s group therapy session” for him.

As Kody explained, Nathan has been a friend of his for years and is a practicing fundamentalist Mormon. He’s also been married and divorced in plural marriage, like Kody, so he understands what he’s going through.

This season on Sister Wives, Nathan accompanied Kody on a drive to discuss his anguish over Christine leaving him and wanting to “disappear” and become someone else after his and Janelle’s explosive argument.

Nathan Dilts is Kody Brown’s longtime friend and is married to Meri Brown’s sister

Nathan has not only been a longtime friend and confidant of Kody’s but he’s also related to the Browns by marriage.

Nathan was once married to two women, as Kody mentioned, but currently is down to one wife, Rebekah Dilts, who happens to be Meri Brown’s sister.

Rebekah, who is a LuLaRoe ambassador like Meri, and Nathan share seven children. Nathan made a speech at a Restoration Torah Conference in 2021, where he is described as the facilitator on the Red Rock Seminary podcast and a missionary for the past 25 years.

As a Sunday School teacher, Aaronic Priesthood advisor, and Seminary teacher, Nathan teaches children the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nathan is also a business partner with Kody and their friend, Brian. Kody, Nathan, and Brian are listed as the three official members of US Tactical, LLC, which is described as a “Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical Instrument Stores” company that also sells guns and gun accessories.

Nathan has appeared on multiple episodes of Sister Wives and officiated Aspyn and Mitch Thompson’s wedding in 2018

Sister Wives viewers may also remember Nathan making an appearance during Season 13 when he served as the officiant for Aspyn and Mitch’s wedding. In the Twitter photo below, Kody and Nathan posed for a photo, clad in their kilts for the Scottish-themed nuptials.

It appears that Kody and Nathan’s friendship is still going strong, too. Nathan (and Brian) made an appearance during one of Kody’s recent Cameo videos for a fan.

In the clip, as seen below, Kody teases that Nathan and Brian will appear in Season 18 to talk with him about his “sudden and terrible” divorce from Christine.

During one of his confessionals, Nathan talked a bit about Kody’s intentions when he went public with his polygamous lifestyle and expressed his hopes that viewers would be empathetic to his broken plural marriage.

“When Kody became public, he wanted to show the world that plural families could be loving [and] functional,” Nathan confessed during Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 4, A Deal With the Devil.

“It’s a strange thing now that the world gets to watch what happens when they break down, and I hope that when people see that, they have compassion.”

Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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