Sister Wives viewers think they’ve figured out why Robyn doesn’t allow TLC’s cameras in her home

Robyn has filmed several scenes outdoors rather than inside her home on Sister Wives this season. Pic credit: Discovery+

Viewers have noticed Robyn Brown’s reluctance to allow TLC’s cameras inside her Flagstaff home this season on Sister Wives.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Meri Brown visited Robyn at her and Kody’s home during Episode 1 but wasn’t invited inside.

Meri paid a visit to Robyn to discuss the state of their broken family after Christine Brown left Kody, leaving them wondering about their future as sister wives.

Meri remarked how cold it was outside as she stood shivering on Robyn’s doorstep. But instead of offering for Meri to come inside to chat, Robyn brought her one of Kody’s leather jackets as they sat outside on a wooden bench for a deep family discussion.

Sister Wives fans dragged Robyn for not allowing Meri inside her home amid the chilly temperatures, questioning why she would force Meri to sit outside in the cold.

Robyn’s reluctance to invite Meri and TLC’s camera crews inside her home has ignited a debate among Sister Wives viewers, with some guessing that COVID-19 was a factor or possibly a messy house.

Now, they have an interesting new theory to explain Robyn’s unwillingness.

Sister Wives viewers think Robyn and Kody Brown are keeping TLC’s cameras out of their home to hide their assets

In a Reddit post shared earlier this week, a Sister Wives viewer uploaded a screenshot from a preview of the Sunday, September 10 episode.

In the clip, filmed on Christmas morning, Kody and some of his and Robyn’s kids walked into the living room to see what Santa had left under the tree.

robyn and kody brown's flagstaff home
An outdoor view of Kody and Robyn’s Flagstaff home. Pic credit: TLC

The still shot showed an array of large pieces of artwork hanging on the walls behind Kody, Aurora, Breanna, and Ariella.

According to the Redditor’s research, Russian artist Vladimir Kush crafted the paintings, which are valued at nearly $20,000 in total. Also included in the post were some photos of Kush’s other artwork from his online art gallery.

“And that’s just one wall in the house,” they wrote in the caption.

Other Sister Wives viewers began putting two and two together and speculated that Robyn and Kody’s expensive artwork is the reason they haven’t allowed TLC’s cameras inside their home so far this season because they don’t want everyone to see how much they’ve spent on decorating their home.

“This is why R & K don’t want cameras in this house,” commented one Sister Wives viewer. “Because when the lawsuit happens over money – they couldn’t deny the possessions in the house.”

Another Sister Wives detective surmised that Kody and Robyn are “hiding money from the others via artwork,” with “the others” being Meri, Janelle, and Christine.

sister wives fans on reddit discuss robyn brown's in-home artwork
Pic credit: u/No-Woodpecker-529/Reddit

“No wonder Robin does not allow filming at her house,” wrote another Redditor. “I hope the other wives discover this post.”

Robyn and Kody purchased a sprawling home in Flagstaff in 2019

Robyn and Kody are the only ones who currently own a home in Flagstaff. As Sister Wives viewers will remember, Janelle admitted to giving Kody and Robyn half the proceeds from the sale of her home in Las Vegas to help fund their 4,395 square-foot, $890,000 home, which sits on two acres.

Like Janelle, Meri also gave the profits from her home sale in Vegas to Kody and Robyn. Meri splits her time between a rental home in Flagstaff and the bed and breakfast she owns, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, in Parowan, Utah.

Christine owned her home in Flagstaff but sold it before moving back to Utah and currently lives in her new home with her fiance, David Woolley. She sold her parcel of land at Coyote Pass back to Kody and Robyn for just $10, proving the point that she just wanted to move on with her life and wasn’t worried about being tied up in any investments with the rest of the Browns.

Janelle regrets getting tied up financially in Coyote Pass amid her split from Kody

Janelle was living in an RV on her plot of land at Coyote Pass, but as she confessed this season on Sister Wives, she’s still living in an apartment in Flagstaff. Janelle was left with no assets to her name other than the property on Coyote Pass, which she now regrets tying herself up in financially.

During Season 18, Episode 3 of Sister Wives, Janelle admitted that she is worried about her future after calling it off with Kody.

“I have nothing financially,” she revealed during a solo confessional. “I am tied up in the property [at Coyote Pass] … everything as far as my estate goes. Any kind of savings, money, anything, is tied up in this property.”

“I am a smart woman, and I have done this very dumb thing,” Janelle admitted. “I’m 50, and I have nothing.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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