Sister Wives viewers take sides amid Kody and Meri Brown’s split

Meri and Kody Brown in 2012
Meri and Kody pose on the red carpet in 2012 during happier times. Pic credit: ©

Kody and Meri Brown officially terminated their marriage, and now that the dust is settling, Sister Wives viewers are speaking out.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Meri and Kody took to social media to announce their separation.

The exes shared their joint statement, accusing People Magazine of publishing an “unapproved press release” that reported that they had ended their spiritual marriage sooner.

Despite their failed marriage, Kody and Meri told their fans, followers, and critics that they would remain dedicated to respecting each other and the rest of the family amid their split.

Many Sister Wives fans have long called for Meri to finally cut the cord and leave Kody, despite her hopes of reconciling their marriage.

Now that Meri has finally followed in Christine and Janelle’s footsteps, some Sister Wives viewers are singing her praises, while others feel she was too kind to Kody after how he treated her.

Sister Wives fans react to Kody and Meri Brown’s split

Many fans of the show headed to Twitter following the news of Meri and Kody’s split and shared their two cents about the dissolution of their once-plural marriage.

One such viewer tweeted they weren’t surprised when Meri announced her and Kody’s marriage termination, mainly because during the Season 17 Tell All, Kody “said that right after their honeymoon period, ‘they were in the storm.'”

Another fan of the show threw some shade at Meri for defending Kody in her caption on Instagram, where she shared the news of their split.

“Not Meri releasing this statement about the end of her marriage with Kody & defending him [against] the backlash. GIRL…he wouldn’t do that for you!” they wrote. “Stop defending an a**hole.”

Another Sister Wives viewer criticized Meri’s announcement, claiming she still allows Kody to “control” her. “The public announcement Meri just made on behalf of her and Kody is a joke,” they wrote.

“So pathetic. Just be done,” they urged Meri. “He doesn’t love or want you around.”

One of Kody’s critics condemned him, poking fun at his remark during the Tell All about his sons wanting to “get their pencils wet” during the coronavirus pandemic.

They called out Kody as the common denominator amid the family’s brokenness, adding, “I hope you have the capacity to self-reflect and become self-aware enough to know this by now but who are we kidding? Happy for Meri.”

What does Meri Brown’s future hold amid her split from Kody Brown?

Following Christine’s split from Kody in 2021, then Janelle’s in 2022, many fans of the show urged Meri to follow in their footsteps. So, the news of her and Kody’s breakup likely comes as happy news to most Sister Wives viewers.

Although Kody was once a staunch polygamist who bragged about having four wives and 18 children, he’s now left with one wife, Robyn, and has damaged his relationships with many of his adult kids.

Kody has spent his time in his and Robyn’s sprawling $900,000 Flagstaff home, where they live with their five kids, Dayton, Breanna, Aurora, Solomon, and Ariella.

It’s unclear what Meri plans for her future and whether she’ll remain in Flagstaff so close to her ex-husband and his favorite wife. Meri runs her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, in Parowan, Utah, so she always has another place to call home if she decides to leave Arizona behind.

In the meantime, Sister Wives are anxiously awaiting Meri’s detailed version of events since she’s teased on more than one occasion that there’s “so much more to the story.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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