Sister Wives viewers slam Robyn and Kody Brown for ‘bamboozling’ the other wives

Robyn and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Are Robyn and Kody Brown swindlers? Pic credit: @robyn_browns_nest/Instagram and ©

Sister Wives viewers feel that Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn defrauded the other wives for their own financial gain.

As fans of the show learned in the latest episode, Meri and Janelle each gave a portion of the proceeds from their home sales in Las Vegas to fund Robyn’s sprawling Flagstaff home.

When Robyn entered the family in 2010, she was fresh on the heels of a divorce from her ex-husband, David Jessop. Robyn brought her three children — Dayton, Breanna, and Aurora — to the plural family as well as her debt from her divorce.

After learning that Meri and Janelle sacrificed so much for Robyn’s gain, Sister Wives viewers were disgruntled.

They took to Twitter following Sunday’s episode to vent their frustrations.

One Sister Wives fan accused Kody of “financially abusing” Meri and Janelle for using the funds from their home sales to buy Robyn’s “mansion.” They added the fact that Kody put up a fight when Janelle wanted to build a home for herself and their daughter Savanah.

Sister Wives viewers bash Robyn and Kody Brown for using the other wives’ funds to purchase their home

Touching on the fact that Robyn brought debt to the family, another viewer tweeted, “Let’s also not forget that the ‘family’ also got Robyn out of debt so she could buy a house with Kody.” The critic accused Kody and Robyn of “bamboozling” the other wives.

sister wives viewers bash kody and robyn brown on twitter
Pic credit: @JAZZYL0912/@KristenD0819/@Corby_77/Twitter

One fan of the show called Janelle and Meri using their home sale profits to fund Robyn’s house “mind-blowing.”

Another tweeted that Robyn “better wake up and realize” that if Kody’s remaining wives leave as Christine Brown did, they’ll take their incomes with them, meaning Robyn won’t have them to financially support her any longer.

“Wait so Meri gave up her house so ‘no job [no] credit’ robyn could buy her house,” read another tweet. “And meri is in a rental wtf.”

sister wives viewers take to twitter to bash robyn and kody brown
Pic credit: @tooancient4this/@RealityTvTalk20/Twitter

Christine Brown can enjoy financial freedom as a single woman

Kody’s ex-wife, Christine, no longer has to worry about where her hard-earned cash will be distributed. Now that she’s moved to Utah with her and Kody’s daughter, Truely, she’s loving her new life as an independent woman.

During the November 27 episode, Christine admitted that she was happy to embark on her new life, which meant a brand new home, all new furniture, and everything else to finally call her own.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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