Sister Wives viewers slam ‘deadbeat dad’ Kody Brown for making excuses to be with Robyn

Sister Wives star Kody Brown on the red carpet
Kody is under fire by Sister Wives viewers for making excuses not to see all of his children. Pic credit: ©

Sister Wives viewers think Kody Brown is making excuses to be more involved with Robyn Brown and her kids than the rest of his children.

Season 17 of Sister Wives has begun to unravel Christine Brown’s split from Kody after 26 years of marriage and six biological children.

Viewers are learning that not only was Kody and Christine’s relationship broken but so were his relationships with many of his children.

During the September 25 episode of Sister Wives, Kody and his four wives held a video call. During the video, Kody was at Robyn’s house while Christine, Janelle, and Meri joined separately from their own homes.

When the topic of Kody and Christine’s daughter Ysabel returning to in-person learning came up, Kody’s COVID-19 fears once again surfaced, and he came up with excuses not to see his daughter before she ventured off to college in North Carolina.

After Christine asked whether Ysabel’s decision would mean he wouldn’t be visiting with their daughter, Kody answered, “I don’t know,” and said that even though there were protocols in place, he felt that breathing the same air in a classroom all day was too much of a risk that he wasn’t willing to take for fear of contracting the virus.

Sister Wives viewers slam ‘deadbeat dad’ Kody Brown for not seeing all of his kids

Following the episode, enraged Sister Wives viewers took to Twitter where they sounded off, calling out Kody for making excuses to stay at Robyn’s house with her and their kids rather than visit with his other kids still living in Flagstaff.

“How long can Kody keep up this act of ‘I’m too busy to be a dad and husband’ all while he stays in Robyn’s house all day playing hubby and daddy,” one Twitter user rhetorically asked.

sister wives viewers take to twitter to slam kody brown for making excuses to not see christine's children
Pic credit: @QueenR810/@YuupISaidThat/@KateSanger6/@MrzStoney/Twitter

Another accused Kody of making excuses not to see the rest of his children, calling him a “deadbeat dad.”

Kody called out for favoritism towards Robyn and her kids

One Sister Wives fan felt Kody was choosing COVID-19 over his kids and wondered whether his fear of the virus was a guise for his true intention: to be with Robyn.

Calling out Kody for favoritism, another viewer tweeted, “There is a clear difference in how Kody treats his kids. He is most involved with robyns kids.”

Sister Wives viewers aren’t the only ones to accuse Kody of showing favoritism. This season, Kody’s ex-wife Christine and his current wife Janelle both expressed their views on the matter.

Christine admitted that Kody’s proposed “favorite wife” played a major role in her decision to leave him and polygamy behind, while Janelle pointed out Kody’s “preference” for his fourth wife, Robyn.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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