Sister Wives viewers side with Christine as Kody Brown cries about not wanting ‘divorce on his record’

Christine and Kody Brown IG selfie
Christine and Kody pose for an Instagram selfie in 2018 during happier times. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Kody Brown confessed that he didn’t want a divorce “on his record” following his split from Christine Brown, and Sister Wives viewers sided with Christine.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Christine and Kody publicly announced their split in November 2021.

The events leading up to their spiritual divorce have been playing out on Sister Wives since last season when Christine moved Kody out of her bedroom and put his belongings in her garage.

During the Sunday, December 4 episode of Sister Wives, Kody had a discussion with Janelle about their marriage. During their outdoor lunch, Kody brought up Christine leaving him.

According to Kody, Christine escaped the “s**t storm” that he believed she created. However, Janelle told him that all of the spouses had a part in Christine leaving him.

During his solo confessional, Kody told cameras that he didn’t want to quit on his and Christine’s marriage.

“I wasn’t a coward. … I didn’t want to quit!” Kody said. “I didn’t want a divorce on my record here.”

Disgruntled Sister Wives viewers couldn’t bite their tongues and soon after the episode aired, headed over to Twitter where they took aim at Kody for his remarks and showed their support for Christine.

Sister Wives viewers slam Kody Brown for not wanting divorce ‘on his record,’ support Christine

Quoting Kody’s confessional, one fan of the show mocked the Brown family patriarch in their tweet. Before calling him a “selfish SOB,” they wrote, “No I just wanted Christine to accept whatever I want, to no pay attention to her kids, to spend all my time with Robyn, and the death of intimacy in our marriage.”

sister wives viewers take to twitter to call out kody brown over his comments about having another divorce on his record
Pic credit: @blondwalls/@MrsPinkychichi/@tkmtwit/Twitter

Again mocking Kody, another one of Christine’s supporters sarcastically tweeted that Christine should have “stayed and suffered” in the marriage just so Kody wouldn’t have to have a divorce on his record.

Pointing out that Kody made it clear he didn’t want to repeat what happened with Christine with his second wife Janelle, another critic mocked, “…as he sits and tells her their marriage isn’t a good fit and just doesn’t work.”

Another one of Christine’s supporters tweeted that her leaving was the “smartest thing” she could have done amid the family unraveling.

Kody didn’t hold back this season

Kody has been candid this season when it comes to his feelings about Christine leaving. He admitted that he didn’t want anything to do with her once she left Flagstaff, and acknowledged saying that he was only affectionate and intimate with her as his “duty” as her husband, not out of love.

Since Kody and Christine were only married spiritually, there were no legal divorce proceedings involved. And since Christine left their faith, she didn’t feel that she was obligated to go through with requesting a divorce from her former church.

Instead, Christine made the decision to move on, leaving Kody and the plural marriage behind for good.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.