Sister Wives viewers livid over Robyn Brown’s comments about ‘stretch marks and weight gain’

Robyn Brown and her eyebrows during TLC confessional
Robyn is under fire from Sister Wives viewers for her comments about Kody’s other wives’ stretch marks and weight gain. Pic credit: TLC

Robyn Brown is under attack for comments she made about her sister wives during Part 3 of the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell All, One on One.

During the third and final installment of One on One, Kody Brown and his wives and ex-wives sat down once again with host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan to dish on their marital woes.

When Robyn sat down for her segment, she griped about the other wives not putting enough effort into trying to fix their failed marriages to Kody.

From her perspective, Meri, Janelle, and Christine didn’t appreciate what Kody did for them during their time together, leading to his behaviors.

She unapologetically admitted that she would no longer feel bad about having a good relationship with Kody (AKA being his favorite wife) and continued to indirectly throw shade at her former sister wives.

According to Robyn, because Meri, Janelle, and Christine had stretch marks and had gained weight, they should be thanking their lucky stars that Kody was still romantic with them and seemingly applauded her husband for being intimate with his other wives despite their altered physical appearances.

Sister Wives critics slam Robyn Brown over stretch marks and weight gain comments

“When I came into this family, I knew, and I saw that when there’s stretch marks and there’s weight gain, and there’s like stagnancy — you know, you’re being stagnant in the marriage — or there’s fights, or there’s money problems, or whatever it is, he still had this romance going with each of them,” Robyn confessed to Suki.

Kody’s favorite wife’s comments did not sit well with Sister Wives viewers, who vented their frustrations on Twitter following the episode.

“So because the ladies gained weight or had stretch marks, when they all had children with Kody, he’s supposed to get a pat on the back for still giving a s**t?” one viewer griped. “Lmao. Wow, Robyn.”

Another one of Robyn’s critics sarcastically threw shade with their tweet, which read, “Aw, He still loved his [wives] even when they had stretch marks from giving him half a dozen children. He is such a knight in shining armor. I hope [Robyn] gets everything she deserves.”

sister wives viewers call out robyn brown on twitter over stretch marks and weight gain comments
Pic credit: @MaeOfEasttown and @JessFortunato/Twitter

More viewers flooded Twitter, outraged by Robyn’s comments.

One disgruntled viewer felt that Robyn showed her true colors with her comments about the other wives’ stretch marks and weight gain.

“Shallow azz Robyn actually said she liked that Kody stayed with fat women with stretch marks. On national TV. With a straight face,” tweeted another.

Another critic called Robyn’s comments “the epitome of internalized misogyny.”

Has Robyn been plotting to be Kody’s only wife all along?

Although Kody never explicitly came out and admitted that Robyn is his favorite wife, he strongly insinuated it. Kody tried to twist Suki’s question, replying, “It’s not about a favorite; it’s about finding favor.”

Despite Kody refusing to give Suki a direct answer to the question, Sister Wives viewers are convinced that Robyn is indeed Kody’s favorite wife… and seemingly the only one left standing.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Christine announced her split from Kody in November 2021 in an Instagram post. This season during the Tell All, Janelle and Kody revealed they are also separated. And although Meri continues to hold out hope that Kody will reconcile their marriage someday, he has made it clear that he wants no such relationship with his first wife.

Kody’s broken marriages with Meri, Janelle, and Christine mean that Robyn is currently Kody’s sole wife, technically categorizing them as a monogamous couple, something that Sister Wives fans believe Robyn has been plotting for years.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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8 months ago

I heard that Kody made comments to some friends about his sex life with Robyn saying how much better it was than with other wives and how she would drop everything to do ANYTHING he wanted in the bedroom. Also said that was the reason they got the nanny, so they could have sex anytime all day and didn’t have to worry about kids. Is this true, and if so what are the older kids thinking as they gotta know what goes on in the bedroom!! Anybody know anything about this info I heard??