Sister Wives viewers compare Kody Brown to Woody Allen after he took Aurora to get her ears pierced

Kody was compared to Woody Allen, and not in a favorable way. Pic credit: © Callahan/ACE Pictures

Kody Brown gained a hefty amount of criticism after he took his daughter Aurora to get her ears pierced, and now he’s gaining even more after detractors rewatched the scene play out.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Kody came under fire for getting all giddy during a trip to take his adopted daughter, Aurora, to get her ears pierced.

It struck a chord with Sister Wives viewers, many of whom felt that the “daddy-daughter experience,” as Kody called it, was a smack in the face to his biological daughter, Ysabel.

When Ysabel required major back surgery to correct her scoliosis, Kody refused to travel to New Jersey with her and even suggested she make the trip alone.

Rewatching the scene of Aurora getting her ears pierced – who was 20 years old during the time of filming – more Sister Wives viewers are getting major creepy vibes from Kody, so much so that they’re comparing his interaction with Aurora to Woody Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi Previn.

A Sister Wives fan shared the clip of Aurora’s ear-piercing trip on TikTok. Text over the clip reads, “Kody is a [s**t] parent,” and in the video, Kody exuded joy as he recorded himself talking about Aurora piercing her ears.


I HAVE KODY ON YSABELS SUGERY PLAYLIST LINKED Kody is such a #girldad #sisterwives #sisterwivestiktok #kodybrown

♬ original sound – Tara Stone

In the second half of the video, a clip of Kody and Ysabel’s heartbreaking scene plays, in which Ysabel looks at her dad dejectedly as he tells her, “I don’t think I’m going to be going. I’m not to travel to… I’m not going to go there, okay? We have to do what’s right for the whole family, not just what Ysabel needs.”

Comments on the video blew up, with hundreds of Kody’s critics showing up to bash the TLC star.

Sister Wives critics think Kody Brown is taking a page out of Woody Allen’s book

Comparing Kody and Aurora’s relationship to Woody and Soon-Yi’s, one TikToker commented, “I feel woody Allen Soon YE vibe,” while another wrote, “he’s the new Woody Allen.”

For those who may need to refresh their memories, filmmaker Woody Allen entered into a relationship with Soon-Yi Previn, who was the adopted daughter of his then-wife, Mia Farrow. At the time of their shocking love affair, Woody was 56, and Soon-Yi was 21.

tiktok users compare kody brown to woody allen
Sister Wives viewers were creeped out by Kody’s reaction to Aurora getting her ears pierced. Pic credit: @tara.stoshows/TikTok

Others took it as far as accusing Kody of “grooming” Aurora, while plenty more pointed out Kody’s “creepy” demeanor during the clip.

On Instagram, a similar sentiment was shared by @kodys_ex_wives. The same clip was posted on the account’s feed, this time captioned, “She’s your STEP DAUGHTER. And this feels off.”

Kody admittedly doesn’t remember when his other daughters got their ears pierced

Aurora is one of three of Kody’s adopted children. Kody has 18 children in total between his wife, Robyn Brown, and his three ex-wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown.

Kody and Robyn share two biological children, Solomon, 11, and Ariella, 7. After Robyn legally wed Kody in 2014, he adopted her three children from her previous marriage to David Jessop: Dayton, 23, Aurora, 21, and Breanna, 19.

Although Kody was gung-ho about taking Aurora to pierce her ears, interestingly enough, he admitted during Season 18 Episode 2 that he had no clue when his other daughters got their ears pierced.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t know when all my older daughters… when they got their ears pierced,” Kody confessed. “I don’t know if they did it, you know, while they were still at home… I don’t, I don’t actually remember.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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