Sister Wives viewers call Robyn Brown a ‘liar’ for claiming her kids aren’t angry with Christine

Robyn Brown IG selfie
Robyn got called out by Sister Wives viewers who think she lied about what she told her kids. Pic credit: @robyn_browns_nest/Instagram

Sister Wives viewers are calling Robyn Brown’s bluff after they believe she and Kody Brown told their kids that Christine Brown didn’t want a relationship with them.

During the November 13 episode of Sister Wives, Christine told Robyn that, at least for now, she wasn’t interested in continuing a relationship with her or Meri.

Christine revealed during a confessional in Sunday’s episode on November 20 that she felt as though Robyn’s kids were angry with her, something she called the “hardest part” about her emotional farewell to the family.

However, Robyn confessed that her kids were not angry, calling them the “innocent parties” in the situation; but Sister Wives viewers don’t believe her.

Robyn’s kids’ quiet and distant demeanor at Christine’s home — her daughters Breanna, Aurora, and Ariella and son Solomon (Dayton was absent) showed up to bid Christine one last adieu — seemed to indicate otherwise.

After Sunday’s episode, Sister Wives viewers took to Twitter to sound off, many of them accusing Robyn of lying. They felt as though Robyn, and possibly Kody, told their kids that Christine didn’t want a relationship with them, resulting in their kids being angry with Christine.

Sister Wives viewers slam Robyn Brown as a ‘liar’ for claiming her kids weren’t angry with Christine Brown for leaving Kody

“I’m 110% positive that Kody and Robyn told their kids that Christine doesn’t want to have a relationship with them,” wrote one of Robyn’s critics, adding, “And that’s 110% f’ed up.”

sister wives viewers take to twitter to call out robyn brown for claiming her kids weren't angry with christine for leaving kody
Pic credit: @CountessGPS/@pixelbabe3/@CharTalise/Twitter

Another viewer felt that Robyn’s kids’ “demeanor and attitude” at Christine’s farewell proved that she told them Christine didn’t want anything to do with them once she left Flagstaff, something the critic called “a lie and absolutely TRASH of” Robyn.

“Robyn is such a liar!” tweeted another Sister Wives viewer who called out Kody’s fourth wife. The critic felt as though Robyn and Kody’s kids’ “body language, facial expressions and demeanor” matched their parents’, proving they were, in fact, angry with Christine.

Christine Brown admitted she didn’t ‘need’ a final farewell with Robyn and Kody

However, bidding one last farewell to Kody and Robyn wasn’t Christine’s idea. Christine and Kody’s daughter, Mykelti – who came from Utah to visit and help with the move – suggested the idea.

Admittedly, Christine confessed that she “wouldn’t have asked” for the goodbye, but because it was important for Mykelti, she went along with the idea.

But as Christine told the cameras, “I certainly didn’t need it. It’s worse than I thought it would have been.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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