Sister Wives viewers call Kody Brown a ‘deadbeat’ dad for ignoring his daughter Savanah

Kody is taking out his frustrations on his and Janelle’s kids. Pic credit: Discovery+

Another week, another reason for Kody Brown to upset Sister Wives viewers.

This time, the TLC star is under fire from viewers for neglecting his daughter, Savanah.

After Kody and Janelle Brown’s infamous fight heard ’round the world, the duo is no longer on speaking terms.

Although we know that off camera, the former couple has split, the events leading up to their separation are currently playing out this season on Sister Wives.

One of the main points of contention between Kody and Janelle is their kids. The TLC stars share six biological children – Logan, Hunter, Madison, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah – and Kody isn’t on speaking terms with most of them.

Kody’s ridiculous coronavirus pandemic protocols drove a major wedge between himself and Janelle’s kids, particularly Garrison and Gabriel.

And after his blowup with Janelle, Kody chose not to contact any of his kids still living with Janelle, including Savanah, who wasn’t involved in the previous arguments over his pandemic rules.

Kody used the excuse that picking up the phone to make amends goes both ways, so he chose to ignore Savanah on Christmas while buying his and Robyn’s children lavish gifts — remember the motorized bikes he bought them to ride on Coyote Pass?

The fact that Kody didn’t speak to Savanah for a month and a half didn’t sit well with Christine Brown, who was very vocal about the situation, and it also angered Sister Wives fans.

Viewers headed to Twitter following Sunday night’s episode to sound off, calling out Kody for being a “deadbeat dad” for leaving Savanah high and dry on Christmas.

Sister Wives viewers: Kody Brown is a ‘deadbeat dad’ for completely ignoring his daughter Savanah on Christmas

“Kody hasn’t spoken to [Savanah] in a MONTH?” asked one Sister Wives fan. “What a deadbeat bum.”

Another viewer tweeted, “I feel so bad for [Savanah] because I’ve been that kid. … I hate that she’s having to deal with a deadbeat dad too! We deserve better.”

sister wives viewers tweet about kody brown ignoring his daughter savanah
Kody is under fire once again from Sister Wives viewers. Pic credit: @lennycoolj/@livetweetwithm3/@rantseshhh/Twitter

Christine made it clear how upset she was with Kody, not only for neglecting Savanah but because it reminded her of him neglecting her kids too.

When Christine asked Savanah how she felt about her father ignoring her, Savanah admitted, “I don’t know. I’m angry at him mostly, and I was really sad, cuz you know, he’s my dad. But now I’m just angry at him.”

And when Christmas came and went, Savanah admitted that she received “no gifts, no nothing” from her dad, a gesture that floored Janelle.

Kody blamed his lack of ’emotional fortitude’ for not reaching out to his and Janelle’s kids

Kody blamed Christine and Janelle for “banding together” and kicking him out of their homes for him not seeing his children. And on top of that, Kody claimed that he was too emotionally exhausted to reach out to his kids.

“I haven’t had the emotional fortitude to be able to reach out, not even knowing what to do or say,” Kody said during a confessional.

Perhaps Janelle’s theory about Kody’s behavior was correct. Janelle told Kody this season that she feels he’s trying to push his other wives away so that he’ll be left with his favorite wife, Robyn. From the looks of it, we wouldn’t disagree with that hypothesis.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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Esther Catherine Strauch
Esther Catherine Strauch
8 months ago

With a “father” like him, Savanah is so much better off never to deal with this ego maniac dead beat ever again.