Sister Wives viewers bash Kody Brown for accompanying Aurora for ear-piercing after skipping Ysabel’s surgery

Kody is under fire for sharing a special moment with Robyn’s daughter. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown is under fire for playing favorites once again.

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, titled Thanks for Nothing, Kody made memories with his and Robyn’s daughter, Aurora, and it didn’t sit well with viewers.

As you’ll remember, Kody skipped out on his and Christine’s daughter Ysabel’s back surgery a few seasons back, and Sister Wives fans haven’t forgotten about it.

When Ysabel required surgery for scoliosis, Kody refused to travel from Arizona to New Jersey with her and Christine, all over fear of contracting COVID-19 and infecting the rest of the family with it.

Kody even suggested that Ysabel, who was a teenager at the time, travel alone or push her surgery out six more months despite her agonizing pain.

So when Kody decided to accompany Aurora to get her ears pierced for a special father-daughter moment, it seemed like a slap in the face to Ysabel, according to quite a few Sister Wives viewers.

Disgruntled Sister Wives viewers headed to Twitter, where they sounded off, slamming Kody for his decision.

Sister Wives fans take aim at Kody Brown for skipping Ysabel’s surgery but taking Aurora to get her ears pierced

“Isn’t Aurora grown but Kody takes her to get her ears pierced but couldn’t go with his and Christine’s daughter for surgery,” tweeted one of Kody’s critics. “…I don’t blame his children for not having anything to do with him.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Aww @realkodybrown has a special memory with Aurora. Isn’t it sad that Ysabel doesn’t have a special memory of her dad being there when she had surgery on her Spine?”

sister wives viewers call out kody brown on twitter
Kody skipped out on Ysabel’s back surgery, and Sister Wives viewers are still irked. Pic credit: @DianeBolden9/@Pitcrewprincess/Twitter

Another Sister Wives viewer used sarcasm to get their point across, mocking Kody for telling Ysabel to travel solo for major surgery while tagging along with 20-year-old Aurora to get her ears pierced.

“So Kody went with Aurora to get her ears pierced but he couldn’t show up for Ysabel’s surgery,” tweeted a TLC viewer, adding a gif of a woman looking disappointed along with text that read, “I can’t even.”

Another pointed out how “bad of a look” it was for Kody to go with Aurora to pierce her ears while leaving Ysabel high and dry.

“Are these dips**ts for real?” asked another discontented viewer who didn’t believe Aurora getting her ears pierced was worthy of its own segment.

“Let’s question Kody being there when he couldn’t be bothered showing up for Ysabel’s major spinal surgery,” they added. “F him.”

Kody wished he would have ‘done things differently’ regarding Ysabel’s surgery

In hindsight, Kody expressed regret for missing out on Ysabel’s surgery.

There’s no going back, but I wish I could have been there, but it’s a real regret,” Kody said during a confessional after apologizing to Christine for not being there. “And so it has me going back in time, wishing, well, I had done things differently.”

Despite Kody wishing he could turn back time, Ysabel was hurt by her father’s decision. She told TLC’s cameras that his “priorities are a little screwed up,” and most Sister Wives viewers would agree.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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10 months ago

Kody is an egotistical a-hole. It is no wonder his wives are looking for greener pastures. I am so happy for Kristine, she seems so happy now. I wish poor Meri would juat let go, she can do better than Kody anyday! Janelle is finally seeing this guy for what he is. Robyn is learning, she is very unhappy also. By by Kody !! You deserve to be alone.