Sister Wives viewers are tired of Robyn Brown’s ‘fake’ crying

Robyn Brown IG selfie
Robyn’s tears are irritating Sister Wives viewers. Pic credit: @robyn_browns_nest/Instagram

Sister Wives viewers are tired of Robyn Brown crying.

Season 17, Episode 10 of Sister Wives, The Knife in the Kidneys, had Robyn in tears quite a bit.

Kody Brown gathered his wives, Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and his ex-wife, Christine, outside of Christine’s Flagstaff home to continue their conversation about Christine moving to Utah.

When Christine broke the news that her home in Flagstaff was under contract and that she was moving to Utah in a matter of weeks, Robyn seemingly took the news the hardest.

Robyn cried during her confessional when she talked about losing their family culture, Christine cutting off a relationship with her and her kids, and then again when she left. As she approached Christine’s driveway, Robyn was met by Meri. As they embraced, Robyn sobbed.

Robyn typically catches a lot of flak from Sister Wives viewers for crying so much, and Sunday night’s episode was no exception.

Sister Wives viewers slam Robyn Brown for ‘fake’ crying

Taking to Twitter following the episode, Sister Wives viewers sounded off, criticizing Robyn for shedding what they viewed as crocodile tears.

Feeling as though Robyn’s behavior was “ridiculous,” one of her critics tweeted, “This crying is beyond a s**t show.”

Another accused Robyn of putting on a “fake crying act” for the cameras.

sister wives viewers complain about robyn brown crying on twitter
Pic credit: @MishyMish626/@KarenC22417322/@MishyMish626/@MissMissAnnie0522/Twitter

One of Robyn’s critics called her a “passive aggressive troublemaker” and told her to “stop the tears.”

“Robyn’s tears are so fake,” another Sister Wives viewer said of Kody’s fourth wife. “She’s just crying cause she has to listen to the man child having tantrums all day long. Hey she asked for it!”

Christine Brown defends her decision to leave Kody Brown

This season, Robyn has admitted that Kody’s divorce from Christine has deeply affected her relationship with Kody. She shared that Kody is struggling, and it’s poured over into their marriage.

Kody accused Christine of not trying hard enough to form a relationship with Robyn while she was still part of the family, telling her that she treated Robyn like “crap.”

Despite Kody hurling insults at Christine in front of the other wives, she stood firm in her decision to leave.

“I still stand firm that leaving is 100% the right thing to do,” Christine confessed, and most Sister Wives viewers would agree.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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20 days ago

Yes I’m sick of the baby crying fake tears…im sure she’s glad Christine left..she has that idiot she calls a husband all to herself now!!

Cheryl Thompson
Cheryl Thompson
18 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

That what kody plan run Christina off the others he don’t fool with he only want Robyn

Lucy Chavez
Lucy Chavez
19 days ago

I’m so happy that Christine left Kody. He is an A..h..e. He blames everyone else but himself. He only praises himself alot. Meri well take a lesson from Christine. Kody talks about never rekindling any marital relationship with Meri. That’s sad that she stays while the Ass doesn’t want her.

19 days ago

Cody and Crybaby deserve each other. Meri is stupid to hang around to get crapped on and Janelle needs to leave that freak of a man too! She’s too good for him. Let Cody act like a two year old bc he’s disgusting and his wives are finally realizing he’s nothing but a sucky dad and husband.Go live in Coyote Pass by yourself freak.

19 days ago

Robin needs an antidepressant. Robin is either bawling or about too. Meri must not have much sel esteem to stay with kody. He disgusts me .

18 days ago

Kody is a pos and a liar, glad Christine left, Janelle needs to leave and meri too I don’t understand why she sides with him , Robyn is so full of it, enough of the pity party and fake tears

16 days ago

Having worked in law-enforcement most of my life, Kody Brown exhibits classic criminal behavior by constantly shifting the blame. He cannot have the light shone upon him but rather on everyone else and their mistakes. He is holy and blameless in his own eyes. He sickens me. Christine is the smartest one of them all!