Sister Wives viewers are #TeamJanelle following argument with Kody Brown that led to their split

Janelle has found the support of Sister Wives viewers following her explosive fight with Kody. Pic credit: Discovery+

Janelle and Kody Brown’s explosive argument on Sunday night’s episode struck a chord with Sister Wives viewers.

Tensions mounted when Kody visited Janelle’s new Flagstaff apartment to discuss their holiday plans.

Things quickly took a left turn when Kody’s stipulations for his sons to visit for Christmas became the topic of discussion.

Janelle and Kody’s deep-seated issues emerged as they argued about who was to blame for Kody’s broken relationships with their sons.

Janelle felt that Kody was casting the blame onto her, and he thought that she needed to take his side when their boys defied his COVID-19 rules.

Clearly, there had been some animosity bubbling at the surface for quite some time, and it came to a head during their shocking argument.

Janelle and Kody Brown go toe-to-toe with each other during fateful argument

Kody accused Janelle of cheating him out of contact with his family, while Janelle held firm that it wasn’t her fault that his relationships with his sons were on the fritz.

Their discussion ended on an emotionally-charged note as Janelle screamed, “F**k you!” at Kody, he slammed her door, and Janelle demanded that TLC stop filming.

Following Sunday’s intense scene, Sister Wives viewers were vocal about whose side they were on following Kody and Janelle’s blowup and took to Twitter to sound off. As it turns out, unsurprisingly, many of them took Janelle’s side, using the hashtag #TeamJanelle.

Sister Wives viewers express support for Janelle following her explosive conversation with Kody

One Sister Wives viewer tweeted, “@realkodybrown is just a terrible human and especially and terrible father and partner. #SisterWives #teamjanelle.”

“#kodybrown is the definition of a narcissist!!!” wrote another, adding the same hashtag.

twitter users support janelle brown after sister wives' september 3 episode
Sister Wives viewers showed their support for Janelle following Sunday’s episode. Pic credit: @zoerandall145/@notyourfan23/@biffersbunny/@LadyZales/Twitter

“So you drag the whole family to Flagstaff and then take a s**t on everyone except Robyn!!!” wrote another disgruntled viewer. “Give me a break! #SisterWives #TeamJanelle.”

Janelle and Kody’s split was a long time coming

Janelle and Kody’s heated disagreement solidified the end of their marriage, becoming the straw that broke the camel’s back.

As Janelle mentioned during their conversation, Kody playing favorites with Robyn has driven his other wives away. Then, when Kody made Janelle choose between him and their sons, she was put in an unfair position.

And, as previews for next week’s episode show us, the Brown family is more divided than ever.

Christine and Janelle are celebrating Christmas separately from the rest of the family. Janelle admits that Kody hasn’t contacted her or their daughter, Savanah, in a week and a half following their blowup.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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