Sister Wives viewers are loving TLC’s new profile pic featuring solo Christine Brown

Sister Wives star Christine Brown
Christine’s solo photo now graces TLC’s profile picture and Sister Wives viewers are loving it. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

TLC changed their Facebook profile pic for their Sister Wives account to a solo shot of Christine Brown and viewers are loving it.

With Season 17 of Sister Wives just around the corner, viewers are anticipating plenty of entertainment.

Last season saw Christine begin the process of leaving her spiritual marriage to Kody Brown, packing up his belongings and putting the boxes in her garage.

Previews for Season 17 teased Christine’s plans to leave Kody and shared a snippet of his reaction when she broke the news she was leaving him behind for a new life in Utah.

Ahead of Season 17’s premiere, TLC changed their official Facebook page’s profile picture. Formerly a group shot of Kody’s three wives and one ex-wife – Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine – the pic is now a solo shot of Christine.

One Sister Wives viewer took to Reddit to share the news in a post they captioned, “Oh this is awesome.”

TLC changes Facebook profile pic to solo shot of Christine Brown, Sister Wives viewers love it

“Please give her a spin off!” commented one Sister Wives fans. “With all of the trash people that they have on TV I would love to watch Christine have her own show.”

Another penned, “I want it to be legitimate that she left Kody AND that she has her own separate contract with the network making more than the other four combined. Wishes.”

One Sister Wives viewers surmised that Kody can’t be happy that his ex-wife is gracing TLC’s profile pic: “I am so happy! Kody must be king misery and Robyn has to deal with his tantrums.”

redditors comment on tlc changing their sister wives facebook profile pic to one of christine brown solo
Pic credit: u/Outrageous-Yogurt-80/Reddit

Noting Christine’s confident stance in the photo, another Redditor commented, “Her pose gives me ‘Wonder Woman’ vibes! LOVE IT!”

Will Christine get her own Sister Wives spinoff show?

Sister Wives fans have previously mentioned the idea of Christine getting her own spinoff.

Earlier this year, Christine landed her own digital cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine. But most Sister Wives fans would prefer to follow Christine’s newly single life in a spinoff instead, perhaps in the form of a dating show.

Sister Wives viewers only have to wait a little more than two weeks until Season 17 premieres for what could be the most dramatic and entertaining season yet.

Season 17 of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, September 11 at 10/9c on TLC.

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Betty Lawrence
Betty Lawrence
1 year ago

So glad she got out of that mess ! Kody was like a chain around her neck with a lock. He’s such an egotistical jerk! Can’t stand him !Meri and Janell should leave too!