Sister Wives viewers are convinced Robyn is Kody Brown’s favorite wife after the Season 17 Tell All

Robyn and Kody IG selfies
Sister Wives viewers think Robyn and Kody are meant for each other. Pic credit: @robyn_browns_nest/Instagram

Robyn Brown has been dubbed Kody Brown’s favorite wife for years, and after the Season 17 Tell All, Sister Wives viewers are convinced of it.

Although Kody has yet to explicitly state that his fourth wife, Robyn, is his favorite, Sister Wives fans don’t think he has to because his actions say it all.

For the last time this year, host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan sat down individually with Kody and his wives and ex-wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

During their face-to-face interview, Robyn told Suki that her sister wives basically “handed” Kody to her, leaving her no choice but to spend more time with him.

When Suki told Robyn that Christine thought she was Kody’s soulmate, instead of denouncing the statement, Robyn used examples of Christine and Kody’s marriage during happier times.

Suki asked Kody whether Robyn was his favorite wife, but the self-proclaimed Brown family patriarch refused to give a direct answer. Instead, he danced around the question, noting that it wasn’t about having a favorite but instead “finding favor” and praised Robyn for “putting up her dukes” whenever anyone “s**t-talks” him.

Following the episode, Sister Wives fans took to Twitter, where many of them felt that Kody didn’t need to come out and say that Robyn is his favorite wife because he spoke it in innuendo.

Sister Wives viewers convinced Robyn is Kody Brown’s favorite wife

One Sister Wives viewer noted they believe Robyn when she claims she didn’t want Kody’s other wives to leave their plural marriage and implied that Robyn wants to parade the fact that she’s Kody’s jewel in the crown.

sister wives viewers on twitter think robyn brown is kody brown's favorite wife
Pic credit: @nikk2153/@prinstongurl818/@angelofmusic27/Twitter

“Being the favorite is not fun if there’s no one around to see it,” they tweeted.

Another Sister Wives fan wrote, “As an unlicensed family therapist, it is my profesh opinion that Kody is really the one to blame in this mess…Robyn just happens to be his favorite wife.”

One fan pointed out what Janelle revealed to Suki: the wives depleted their accounts to purchase Robyn’s house. At the same time, Janelle was left without housing. One show fan felt it was enough to prove that Robyn is, indeed, Kody’s favorite wife.

“Do we need FURTHER proof on the fave theory or nah?” they sarcastically asked.

Kody Brown’s exes and kids accuse him of playing favorites too

Fans of the show aren’t the only ones who have accused Kody of playing favorites with his wives. Kody’s ex-wife, Christine, bashed him for not being attracted to her because of how she treated Robyn over the years.

“I think he has a favorite wife, and that’s why all of this is like it is,” Christine admitted. She also blamed Kody for their children not respecting him because they felt as though he plays favorites among his 18 children too.

Kody’s other ex, Janelle Brown, and their kids felt similarly, specifically her and Kody’s sons, Garrison and Gabriel, who felt their dad has a “real preference” for Robyn.

Although Kody set out to show the world the positive aspects of plural marriage, his behavior has had the opposite effect. He has questioned polygamy after living the lifestyle for 30 years and has shown Sister Wives viewers everything that can (and did) go wrong when a husband takes on multiple wives.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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