Sister Wives viewers are concerned for Meri Brown amid her ‘tipsy’ live video

Meri Brown confessional Sister Wives
Did Meri have one too many to drink during a recent live video? Pic credit: TLC

Another day, another drunk video from Sister Wives star Meri Brown?

That’s what Meri’s critics are saying following a recent live video she recorded on social media.

As she typically does, Meri recorded an episode of Fridays with Friends on Instagram alongside her trusty BFF Jenn Sullivan.

The duo typically chit chats about what’s been happening in their lives, share small talk with each other, and interact a little bit with their viewers during their Friday night sessions.

One topic that’s off the table during FWFs, however, is the Sister Wives star’s family and the show — which Meri made clear during her intro — but that’s not what Meri’s 837,000 followers were interested in during her most recent chat session.

There were quite a few of Meri’s followers who thought the TLC star was inebriated during her video due to some bizarre behavior.

Meri kicked off the video as she normally does, welcoming her followers and wishing them a Happy Friday. Meri’s latest FWF was recorded outdoors under a pavilion in Parowan, Utah.

Clad in a coral-colored zip-up jacket and wearing her shoulder-length hair in a side part, the 52-year-old ex to Kody Brown repeatedly welcomed her friends and followers and seemingly struggled to put together sentences as she spoke.

Just minutes into the video, Meri suddenly slammed the table where her phone was rested to record, causing the camera to shake. She did so again throughout the recording, which was captioned, “Fridays with Friends Live from Parowan @justjennreally #FridaysWithFriends #FWF.”

Sister Wives viewers accuse Meri Brown of being under the influence during a live video

Some of Meri’s hundreds of thousands of IG followers headed to the comments, where many of them called her out for her peculiar behavior, accusing her of hitting the bottle.

“Fridays with friends,I mean alcohol….” penned one of Meri’s followers.

Another surmised that Meri was “buzzed” as she recorded her video, while another perceived that she was “high as hell.”

meri brown's instagram followers think she was tipsy during another live video
Meri’s followers think she was inebriated during a recent live video. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Others accused Meri of being “hammered,” “crunkkkkk,” and “a bit tipsy.”

This isn’t the first time Meri’s critics have claimed that she imbibed a little bit too much alcohol during a live video, either. Since she began recording FWFs during the coronavirus pandemic, Meri has been called out for her erratic behavior as she records herself on Friday nights.

Meri is living in Utah following her split from Kody Brown

Perhaps Meri has been throwing back a few drinks to deal with the stress in her life. Following her split from Kody in January 2023 after more than three decades of marriage, Meri has reportedly relocated to Parowan for good.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Meri’s sprawling Flagstaff home has been listed for rent. What’s more, Meri was spotted moving her belongings into her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

A Sister Wives fan shared on a Reddit thread that Kody and his current wife, Robyn Brown, were also spotted during the move, as well as TLC’s camera crews.

Season 18 of Sister Wives is a go

As Monsters and Critics also reported, Sister Wives will return for an 18th season. Although TLC has yet to announce a premiere date, Christine Brown spoke with Variety as well as Sister Wives’ showrunner, Chris Poole.

Chris told the outlet that viewers can expect Season 18 to be “just as interesting and dramatic” as past seasons and teased that the show will follow the changing dynamic of the Brown family amid Kody’s splits, particularly from Christine. (Janelle and Meri have also since split from the father of 18.)

Christine added that Sister Wives viewers will get a look into other aspects of the Browns’ interactions. And Sister Wives viewers are hoping that means we get a look inside Christine’s relationship with her fiance, David Woolley.

“I think what people might think is still more interesting is how does the family actually work after somebody leaves?” Christine shared.

“How do we manage the divorce with still having sister wives? So many people get divorced and work on their relationships with their exes and learn how to take care of kids together,” the Sister Wives fan favorite added.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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9 months ago

If I were Meri, after alll she has been though, I would stay drunk all day.