Sister Wives Talk Back: Christine admits she ‘loved’ ending her marriage to Kody: ‘I loved taking power’

christine and kody brown film the sister wives season 18 tell all
Christine admits she “loved” ending her marriage to Kody. Pic credit: Discovery+

Divorcing Kody Brown was one of the happiest days of Christine Brown’s life.

The reality TV star divulged how she felt the day she officially cut ties with Kody during the latest Sister Wives spin-off, Talk Back.

Part 1 of Sister Wives Talk Back aired on Friday night, and much like 90 Day Fiance’s Pillow Talk, we watched as Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn gave their feedback on scenes from Season 18 of Sister Wives.

As the episode ended, Kody noted that the last scene he and Robyn watched from their Flagstaff home was a clip of Christine laughing at Kody when recalling the time he contracted COVID-19 and admitting that she was glad they were no longer married.

Kody was a good sport about watching the scenes back, and Robyn consoled him, although he laughed about it.

When it was Christine’s turn to give feedback about the scenes, her demeanor remained the same.

Sister Wives Talk Back confession: Christine Brown says she ‘loved the day’ she ended her marriage to Kody Brown

“I loved the day I said it was over,” Christine admitted from her home in Utah. “I loved that day.”

“I loved taking power. I loved taking control of it. I loved ending our marriage,” Christine added with conviction.

Although Kody joked initially, he did reveal that it “sucks” to hear someone he used to love trash-talking him.

In Season 18, we watched Christine invite Kody to lunch to discuss their Thanksgiving plans.

Christine noted that some of their kids would be in town and wanted to visit with him, Robyn, and their kids, but instead, Kody made the conversation about himself.

Kody questioned Christine about having the kids tested for COVID-19 before they could enter his and Robyn’s home.

“I thought he was gonna be happy to see his kids on Thanksgiving Day, and instead, he starts talking about himself… again,” Christine told TLC’s cameras of the segment.

It was in November 2021 that Christine and Kody went public with the news they had split.

Following her split from Kody, Christine moved back to Utah and found the love of her life

The writing was on the wall for months before — possibly even years — but Sister Wives viewers weren’t convinced Christine would take the plunge and leave Kody.

But, eventually, she grew tired of feeling like a “basement wife,” being in the minority about wanting to relocate back to Utah, being adamantly against sharing a home with her sister wives again, and being denied intimacy from her husband.

Christine asked Kody not to share her bedroom anymore and moved his things into her garage, which was the beginning of the end.

It wasn’t long after that when Christine sold her Flagstaff home, moved back to Utah as she had dreamed for years, and eventually found love again when she met her husband, David Woolley, on a dating app.

Part 2 of Sister Wives Talk Back airs on Friday, December 29, at 9/8c on TLC.

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