Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown spotted with mystery blonde — Are they courting a new wife?

Kody and Robyn Brown pose on the red carpet
Kody and Robyn sparked rumors they’re looking to add another wife to their marriage. Pic credit: ©

Could Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown be looking to add another wife to their marriage?

Kody and Robyn were recently spotted with a mystery woman in Las Vegas, and Sister Wives fans think they could be courting her as a potential sister wife.

Since Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown have all left Kody, Robyn remains his last wife standing.

Although Kody and Robyn have been lying low and seemingly enjoying their monogamous relationship, Sister Wives fans think they may be on the prowl to rebuild their once-polygamous union.

Some Sister Wives sleuths posted pics of the couple on Reddit, initially shared to a public Facebook page. In the first post, Kody and Robyn were seen walking inside Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas with the unidentified blonde.

Robyn was clad in a burgundy-colored top and black pants, holding her coat in her arms, while Kody sported a blazer and slacks, walking behind Robyn and the mystery woman, who donned a gray cardigan and black crop top paired with pants.

kody and robyn brown spotted with a mystery woman in las vegas posted to reddit
Kody and Robyn were spotted in Las Vegas with a mystery blonde. Pic credit: u/samarra/Reddit

Sister Wives fans who viewed the Reddit post had many questions, many surmising that the mystery blonde could be a potential sister wife.

Sister Wives viewers think Kody and Robyn Brown could be courting a new wife

“Who’s the blond with them? Is he taking another wife?” asked one curious Redditor while another wondered whether the woman in question was a potential new date for Kody and Robyn.

sister wives fans' comments on reddit about kody and robyn brown with a mystery woman
Sister Wives fans are curious about who Kody and Robyn were spotted with in Vegas. Pic credit: u/samarra/Reddit

One Sister Wives viewer wondered if the woman with Kody and Robyn could be their new wife or their nanny, playing on the famous line from Christine, “What does the nanny do?”

“Is that the new wife? The nanny?” they asked. “If so, we now know what she does – babysit Kody at the casino.”

Commenting that Kody and Robyn are “rolling the dice” by taking a new wife, another Redditor felt that Robyn is happy in her newly-monogamous marriage with Kody.

“Jk I know Robyn would never allow it,” they wrote.

Although some Sister Wives viewers think Kody and Robyn might be looking for another wife, Christine doesn’t think it’s in their cards. During the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell All, Christine admitted, “I don’t think that they would go look for another wife after this,” noting it would be “too much work” for the “soulmates.”

Kody’s ex-wife Christine Brown has moved on with David Woolley

While Kody and Robyn were enjoying some time together in Vegas, Kody’s first ex-wife, Christine, has been gushing over her new boyfriend, David Woolley.

Christine and David went public with their romance on Valentine’s Day, with Christine calling him the “love of her life.” Since then, the couple has continued to proclaim their love for each other, and Sister Wives fans love it.

A source close to the Browns recently told The Sun that Kody feels that Christine is showcasing her romance with David as a way to garner attention and that it’s “aggravating” him.

Perhaps Kody’s sighting was a way to enact revenge on Christine — something he accused her of doing — or maybe Sister Wives are looking into the photos too much. Either way, it’s clear that Christine isn’t concerned with how her ex-husband spends his time.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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