Sister Wives star Robyn Brown still ‘hopes and prays’ for a plural family: ‘I really wanted that camaraderie’

Robyn is still hopeful that she and Kody can have a plural marriage. Pic credit: Discovery+

Robyn Brown is still holding onto the dream that she’ll live out her golden years with sister wives by her and Kody Brown’s side.

The Sister Wives star once had three sister wives before Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown left Kody.

But after Kody’s first, second, and third wives walked out on their polygamous marriage, Robyn was left as Kody’s only wife.

Despite their plural marriage not lasting, Robyn is hopeful that someday, the family can still spend time together and operate as “kind of a family.”

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the 45-year-old opened up about what she loved about polygamy and her dream of living it again.

“What I liked a lot about living plural marriage was the team effort, where I had sister wives,” Robyn shared with the publication.

Robyn Brown is missing the ‘camaraderie’ and ‘sisterhood’ that plural marriage once offered her

Admittedly, Robyn was really craving the “camaraderie” between several women sharing the same husband and feels as though these days, she’s missing that sense of “sisterhood” she once shared with Christine, Janelle, and Meri.

It was important to the mom of five that her sister wives loved her children and vice versa, and she admits she liked the feeling of being part of a” big group of people that really cared about each other.”

From what we’ve watched in recent seasons on Sister Wives, as well as what’s transpired off-camera, it’s unlikely that the Browns will ever function like a cohesive family unit again, but that hasn’t deterred Robyn from dreaming about it.

In Robyn’s eyes, it’s still “possible” for everyone to remain a “family.”

And although Robyn remains optimistic, she’s also staying realistic about the notion.

“I sure hope it’s possible, but I can’t have expectations,” Robyn continued, adding, “So I hope, and I pray that it’s possible, but that will be that a situation where everybody has to choose that. So I don’t know.”

Kody Brown once promoted polygamy on Sister Wives but has since changed his tune

Kody went from a polygamist with four wives to a monogamist who no longer advocates for plural marriage.

When Sister Wives viewers were introduced to Kody in 2010, he was a staunch polygamist, admitting during Season 1, Episode 1, “I like marriage, and I’m a repeat offender.”

It’s obvious now that Kody likes marriage… with Robyn, anyway.

Kody is not interested in juggling multiple wives at once, as we’ve seen, and he’s made it pretty clear that since Christine, Janelle, and Meri are out of the picture, he’s happy with where his and Robyn’s marriage stands.

As the father of 18 admitted in the latest episode of Sister Wives, “Now I’ve got all this time that Robyn and I, we’ve got sort of this special life together.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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