Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown blasted for leaving her babies home during overseas vacation

Mykelti Brown IG selfie January 2023
Mykelti snaps a selfie two months postpartum. Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

While Mykelti Brown is enjoying a European getaway with her family, critics are lashing out at the Sister Wives star for leaving her young children at home with her husband, Tony Padron.

Mykelti joined her mom, Christine Brown, Christine’s fiance, David Woolley, along with her sisters, Ysabel, Truely, and Aspyn, and her husband, Mitch, for a trip to London, England.

While enjoying her vacation across The Pond, Mykelti has been posting on Instagram, keeping her fans updated on all of the sightseeing, dining, and family bonding time she’s been enjoying.

In her first Instagram post uploaded from London, Mykelti asked her fans and followers for some advice. Since she’s currently breastfeeding her twin sons, Archer and Ace, but is overseas, Mykelti wanted some suggestions about what to do with her breast milk.

Mykelti snapped a selfie as she posed in front of a fridge door filled with bags of frozen breast milk and smiled big for the camera for the Instagram share.

In the caption, she wrote, “I’m on Holiday without my babies. I’m pumping to keep up my supply, I can’t donate it in the country I’m staying. So what are my alternative options…..? #liquidgold #whattodo #takeabath #alternativemilklatte.”

mykelti brown-padron's instagram post about vacation
Mykelti asked her Instagram followers for advice about breast milk during her European vacation. Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

While most of Mykelti’s followers were willing to give her some suggestions in the comments, there were quite a few who were more concerned about the fact that she didn’t bring her kids, 2-year-old Avalon, and 8-month-old twin brothers Archer and Ace, along with her.

Mykelti Brown under fire from Sister Wives critics for traveling to London without her three children

One such critic headed to the comments to disapprovingly complain to Mykelti, “You left Tony with all 3 babies,” adding a face-palming emoji to drive home their objection to vacationing sans kids.

“Did you leave your babies???” asked another Instagram user.

mykelti brown's instagram critics comment about her leaving her kids at home with her husband tony padron
Mykelti’s critics were out in full force. Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

One of Mykelti’s critics began their disparaging remarks by reminding her that she’s from Utah and claiming that because of the location of her upbringing, she shouldn’t be using the term “on holiday.”

The critic added, “And unpopular opinion, you shouldn’t be taking a vacation while breastfeeding. You have a fraction of your life to breastfeed your children and the ENTIRE REST of your life to vacation.”

“Have some perspective,” they added.

Mykelti didn’t respond to any of the negative chatter, but she received just as much support as criticism from other followers.

Mykelti’s fans came to her defense against the mom-shamers

Coming to Mykelti’s defense, one of her Instagram followers wrote that the TLC star deserves her trip to London, adding that it “makes you a better parent when you can have your own life still.”

mykelti brown's instagram followers came to her defense in the comments
Some of Mykelti’s fans showed their support in the comments amid the criticism. Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

Another one of Mykelti’s advocates spoke to the critics in their comment, pointing out that Mykelti is allowed to have time to herself and that dads are “VERY capable” of caring for their children, adding, “your opinion on her doesn’t pay her bills, so kindly stfu.”

One more supporter couldn’t believe the amount of mom-shamers who attacked Mykelti’s decision, calling their actions “ridiculous” and commenting that it makes them look “ignorant.”

Meanwhile, it looks as though Tony is handling his solo Daddy duties back in Utah just fine.

Tony posted a carousel of photos on Instagram over the weekend, giving his wife of six-and-a-half years a shoutout. Two of the pics were selfies from Mykelti that she sent during her trip, and the other slides were photos of sticky notes that Mykelti left for Tony around the house to surprise him while she was gone.

“Man ! Gotta say I really have the best wife ! She sends me little videos or a photo every day while she’s in Europe,” Tony wrote in the caption.

He continued, “The same day she left , I left for St. george . When I returned I found that @mykeltip left me cute little notes around our room . She is a Unicorn wife (Period). Yes maybe one day ‘i’ll let science clone her’ if you know you know .”

Season 18 of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, August 20 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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