Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown and husband Tony Padron announce twins’ genders

Sister Wives couple Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown-Padron
Mykelti and Tony revealed the sex of their twins. Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

Sister Wives couple Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron have announced the sex of their twins.

As Monsters and Critics reported earlier this summer, Mykelti and Tony’s family is expanding by “four feet,” as they are expecting twins this December. The couple is already parents to their 1-year-old daughter, Avalon Asa.

When Mykelti announced she was expecting again, she noted how excited she was to discover the genders of her and Tony’s twins.

Now, that time has come and the couple announced the gender of the babies in an Instagram post Mykelti shared on August 16.

Mykelti shared a photo of herself and Tony, along with Miss Avalon on mom’s hip, as they captured the color of their gender reveal smoke bombs, which were both blue.

“Tony and I are expecting twin BOYS on December 1st, but they’re twins so really we’re thinking before Thanksgiving,” Mykelti captioned her post.

Sister Wives stars Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron expecting fraternal twin boys

She continued, “It was the last thing we both expected for both of them to be boys. We haven’t figured out names but we’re excited that Avalon will have two brothers to boss around.”

In the comments section of the post, Mykelti answered a few questions from curious fans.

When one of Mykelti’s followers asked, “Congratulations-identical twins?” Mykelti clarified that she is expecting fraternal twins.

mykelti answers fan questions on her IG post announcing her twins' genders
Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

When another fan asked whether twins “run on either side” of her or Tony’s families, she revealed they do, telling her fan, “Both sides of my family.”

In addition to sharing the exciting news on Instagram, Mykelti spoke exclusively with PEOPLE.

“I’m excited for all three of my kids to be so close together in age,” the 26-year-old expectant mom shared. “They’ll always have a friend to play with. And Tony and I will be very outnumbered sooner than we realize. It should be a fun adventure.”

In an exclusive photo shared with the publication, big sister Avalon sat on the grass next to a busted-open, blue and pink piñata shaped like a question mark. The piñata was filled with blue candies to signify that two boys are on the way.

Mykelti and Tony’s twins will mark the fourth and fifth grandchildren in the Brown family, joining big sister Avalon and cousins Axel and Evie Brush, whose mom is Mykelti’s sister, Madison Brown. Madison recently announced that she and her husband, Caleb Brush, are expecting their third child, due just two months after Mykelti’s twins are due to arrive.

Christine Brown shares her excitement to become an Oma again

Mykelti’s biological mom, Christine Brown, shared her excitement after discovering she would be welcoming two more grandchildren before the year is out, noting that it’s been “one of the most humbling experiences” to watch her kids become parents.

Following Mykelti and Tony’s pregnancy announcement, Christine told PEOPLE, “I’m so excited! They’re going to be such great parents. I know they’re a bit overwhelmed because it’s twins’ it’s a lot of work, but I live close, [and her sister] Aspyn lives close.”

“She’s got such an amazing support system. We’re all so excited,” Christine continued, adding, “They’ve been incredible parents with Avalon and now we get to see them be parents again!”

Sister Wives returns for Season 17 on September 11 at 10/9c on TLC.

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