Sister Wives star Kody Brown says he ‘absolutely’ wants to fix his marriage with Janelle

Janelle and Kody Brown
Despite their separation, Kody would like to reconcile with Janelle. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown might be separated, but the self-proclaimed Brown family patriarch wants to reconcile their marriage.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kody and Janelle announced their separation during the Season 17 Tell All, Sister Wives: One on One.

The news didn’t come as much of a shock to fans of the show, who have been rooting for Janelle to leave Kody after Christine blazed the trail to singlehood.

Now, in an excerpt from Sunday’s third and final installment of the Tell All, Kody and Janelle admit to host, Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan that they see things differently.

“Kody and I have separated, and I’m happy, really happy,” Janelle tells Suki, noting that she and Kody split several months prior.

Janelle explains that things in her and Kody’s relationship became “indifferent” and that she no longer cared. And although she still respects her estranged husband, Janelle is “losing respect” for Kody over the events involving their kids.

“I think if he had truly been watching out for me and my children, he would have figured out a way to make it work for the whole family instead of having his rules and hanging out with the wife staying where he was respected and obeyed,” seemingly throwing some shade at Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn.

Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown ‘absolutely’ wants to reconcile marriage with Janelle

Noting that Janelle has made it clear that she’s enjoying the single life and doesn’t miss him much, Kody admits to Suki that he still wants to work on fixing their marriage.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” Kody reveals, adding that love isn’t what matters to him; respect is.

When it comes to fixing their marriage, Kody considers it a negotiation, pointing out that things are different now with Christine out of the picture.

Kody Brown’s broken relationship with Janelle and their kids

Kody and Janelle began their spiritual marriage journey in 1993, when Janelle became Kody’s second wife, following his first wife, Meri Brown. Christine entered the picture in 1994, and Robyn became Kody’s fourth spiritual bride in 2010 and his sole legal wife in 2014 after he and Meri legally divorced.

Janelle and Kody share six biological children: sons Logan, Hunter, Garrison, and Gabriel, and daughters Madison and Savanah. Kody has admittedly lost touch with his sons Garrison and Gabriel, who weren’t fully compliant with his strict coronavirus pandemic rules.

During last season’s Tell All, Kody revealed that he wasn’t speaking to Garrison or Gabriel, and they needed therapy. Gabriel expressed that his dad’s overly strict rules were “literally ruining” their family, and Kody even suggested that Janelle kick out their sons for not abiding by his rules.

An episode during Season 17 of Sister Wives deeply angered and upset viewers when Kody forgot Gabriel’s birthday. Instead of wishing him a Happy Birthday, Kody called his son to discuss his COVID-19 symptoms, bringing Gabriel to tears.

Aside from forgetting his own son’s birthday, Kody has done some other stupid things throughout his time on Sister Wives. One of the most notable was when Kody refused to fly with his and Christine’s daughter, Ysabel, to undergo back surgery for her scoliosis due to, once again, his self-imposed COVID-19 rules that ultimately tore his polygamous family apart.

Part 3 of the Season 17 Sister Wives Tell All, One on One, airs on Sunday, January 8 at 10/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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