Sister Wives star Kody Brown admits he and Robyn are now ‘basically monogamous’

Kody and Robyn SW Season 17 Tell All
Kody and Robyn sit down with Sukanya Krishnan during the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives viewers have long accused Kody and Robyn Brown of wanting to be in a monogamous relationship, and now the Brown family patriarch is admitting that’s the case.

Kody recently teased that he’ll be “becoming a monogamist” in an upcoming season of Sister Wives, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

Although Season 18 of Sister Wives has yet to be formally announced, Kody’s recent interactions with his fans on Cameo strongly indicate that viewers can expect another season in the near future.

During a recent Cameo, as shared on TikTok (seen below), Kody revealed that he won’t be taking on any more wives, confirming that he’s no longer practicing polygamy.

In the video, Kody told the Cameo recipient, “I won’t be having any more wives. Uh, Robyn and I are now basically monogamists.”

Kody seemingly let the cat out of the bag, adding, “Don’t let that out yet. It’s probably a spoiler. But, it seems obvious, uh, with the new season coming.”

Will Kody and Robyn Brown return to Sister Wives as monogamists?

As mentioned, TLC has yet to give the green light to an upcoming season of Sister Wives. However, there have been several hints that indicate Season 18 is in the works.

One of Kody’s ex-wives, Christine Brown, shared a photo on Instagram of herself and her boyfriend, David Woolley. Behind them, camera crews with boom mics were visible, leading many of her followers to believe they were filming for an upcoming episode of Sister Wives.

Also, Sister Wives producers were reportedly “furious” with Christine for sharing spoilers about an upcoming season.

Janelle and Christine Brown are reportedly working on a spinoff show

And, as The Sun reported, an insider claimed that Christine and another of Kody’s ex-wives, Janelle Brown, are currently in serious talks to produce their own Sister Wives spinoff.

The source told the outlet that the ladies’ spinoff show would focus on life after polygamy and “female empowerment.”

Kody’s third ex-wife, Meri Brown, hasn’t made any mention of the show on social media lately. Instead, she’s stayed focused on her personal endeavors, including her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, and filming Fridays with Friends on Instagram.

Christine has relocated to Utah, while Janelle and Meri have remained in Flagstaff, where Kody and Robyn still reside with their five children.

Robyn joining the family caused turbulence among Kody Brown’s wives

When Robyn entered the once-plural marriage in 2010, many Sister Wives viewers felt it was her mission to become Kody’s sole wife. At the time Kody was courting Robyn, Kody had already been married to his other three wives for nearly two decades.

Kody and Meri wed in 1990, followed by Kody and Janelle in 1993 and Christine in 1994. Christine was pregnant with their sixth child, Truely, when Robyn came into the picture, causing jealousy to run rampant.

Eventually, Christine couldn’t handle vying for Kody’s intimacy and attention, and she announced her split in November 2021. Janelle and Kody revealed their separation during the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell All, and Kody and Meri formally announced their split in January 2023.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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