Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is still ‘open’ to plural marriage

Janelle says she’s willing to enter into another plural marriage. Pic credit: Discovery+

Janelle Brown is single, and although she’s not quite ready to mingle, the Sister Wives star is open to sharing a husband again.

Janelle and Kody Brown shocked Sister Wives viewers when they announced their separation during the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell All.

Okay, well, maybe they didn’t shock fans of the show — because, let’s face it, we saw that one coming — but they did shock the Tell All host, Sukanya Krishnan.

This season on Sister Wives, we’re getting a good look at some of Kody’s antics that played a part in Janelle giving him his walking papers and solidifying her decision to say goodbye to their plural marriage.

But, shockingly, Janelle admits that she would be up for another polygamous union if the opportunity presented itself.

During an interview with PEOPLE, alongside her sister wife, Christine Brown, Janelle revealed that she isn’t completely shutting down the idea of sharing a husband with other women for a second time.

Janelle Brown isn’t ready for another relationship just yet, but she would consider another polygamous one

Christine and Janelle shared some lighthearted exchanges in the interview, and at one point, when Janelle explained how she describes her current relationship status as “single,” Christine wanted to know if that meant she was single and ready to mingle.

“Oh, no,” Janelle responded immediately. “No, no, no, no, no. No dating… maybe in 10 years. We’ll see.”

Janelle continued to open up about what her future might hold and disclosed that another plural marriage could possibly be in her cards.

“I would actually consider a plural marriage because I really do love the freedom and the independence that it gave me, and I think it was a good fit for me,” Janelle shared.

Admittedly, Janelle doesn’t know what a monogamous marriage would be like — maybe she should ask Christine about the perks! — but she is also open to having one husband all to herself.

Janelle’s ex Kody Brown wasn’t able to pull off a polygamous marriage

And, perhaps because of how Kody handled plural marriage, Janelle isn’t convinced that husbands in polygamous marriages are capable of doing a good job keeping multiple wives satisfied.

In an apparent dig at her ex-husband, Janelle added, “But, so I’m open to plural marriage, but I don’t know if there’s really a lot of men who can actually pull it off.”

Janelle has already admitted that if it weren’t for Christine leading the way and leaving Kody, she may have stayed in their plural marriage. That would have meant that she would still be sharing Kody’s time and affection with Robyn since Kody’s first wife, Meri, also hit the road… honestly, we just can’t imagine Janelle sticking around with Robyn and Kody.

Despite her and Kody’s marriage not working out, Janelle admitted that she doesn’t regret entering into a plural marriage. She credits polygamy with giving her the life she has today and said that if given the opportunity, she would “do it all again.”

In the meantime, Janelle has all the time in the world to reflect and decide whether or not she wants to give plural marriage another try or take some pointers from Christine (and Sister Wives fans) and have a go at a monogamous relationship.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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