Sister Wives star Janelle Brown explains ‘new boyfriend’ hiding in latest pic

Janelle Brown TLC confessional
Janelle sparked rumors that she’s dating a mystery man. Pic credit: Discovery+

Is there a new man in Sister Wives star Janelle Brown’s life since she split from Kody Brown?

That’s the latest gossip to hit the rumor mill following Janelle’s latest pic online.

After separating from Kody after nearly 30 years of spiritual marriage, Janelle has been focusing on herself and her six children.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Janelle is gearing up to live in her RV for the summer.

Taking to Instagram this week, Janelle shared a photo of her Milestone Fifth Wheel and announced that it’s all set up for the summer.

“The trailer is ready to go for the summer!!! ?️??” began the caption of her post.

Janelle Brown announces that her RV is ‘ready to go for the summer’

She continued to explain, “Yes it took a few weeks. Some of it was finding the time to break away and drive up there. Even though once I hit the road I’m ALWAYS glad I did.”

“Some of it is the self doubt that still creeps in and tells me I’m crazy for breaking out of my routine and trying something really outside my box,” Janelle added. “Telling myself that it’s ‘hard.’ It’s so much ‘easier’ to stay here and do the same old , same old. But there is so much waiting for us when we step out.”

Janelle concluded her caption, “I wonder why we overthink and over worry the things designed to bring joy and offer even more empowerment. Towanda! ?”

One of Janelle’s eagle-eyed followers noticed a detail in the photo that sparked some major curiosity. A male figure could be seen behind the RV door, wearing a black t-shirt, black shorts, and black Converse high-tops.

Janelle clears the air about her ‘new boyfriend’

“Janelle is that the new boyfriend hiding,” Janelle’s follower asked in the comments section.

janelle brown responds to a fan on instagram about her mystery "boyfriend"
Janelle revealed that the “boyfriend” in her pic was actually her son, Gabriel. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Although Janelle didn’t confirm nor deny whether she has a new boyfriend, she did explain that the person pictured in the photo was not a love interest, but instead, her son Gabriel.

“Haha no its Gabe,” Janelle replied, adding, “But my children and grandchildren are the true loves of my life!”

In response to Janelle’s reply, more of her Instagram followers offered their advice regarding her dating life. Some were excited for her to finally find another man, while some felt she should enjoy being single for at least a little while.

“Can’t wait until you also have an AWESOME life partner to share these adventures with, too,” wrote one of Janelle’s supporters. “Nobody is more deserving.”

Another fan offered Janelle some differing advice: “Stay single, girl!”

janelle brown's instagram followers give her advice on getting a boyfriend
Janelle’s followers were split on whether she should start dating again. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Echoing the sentiment, another one of Janelle’s fans wrote, “She doesn’t need a man. She can enjoy her time without one.”

Will Janelle start dating again amid her split from Kody?

Reportedly, Janelle isn’t interested in reentering the dating pool any time soon. As Monsters and Critics reported, an insider told In Touch earlier this year that Janelle “is not thinking about or wanting to date anyone at the moment.”

The source added that since Kody was absent in Janelle’s life towards the end of their marriage anyway, it hasn’t been hard for her to adjust to singlehood.

The 54-year-old mom of six has always been revered as the most independent of Kody’s (ex) wives. So it is no surprise that she’s ready to tackle this chapter in her life without hesitation.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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Linda K Taylor
Linda K Taylor
1 year ago

I’m 68 years old. After my husband died almost 5 years ago, I sold my house and moved into a 488 sq ft storage building made into a home that’s set in the piney woods. It’s really cute, but while some think I’m brave and adventurous, my sister thinks I need a separate bedroom instead of sleeping on a sleeper sofa in my common room. I made a nice size and cute bohemian kitchen. I think it’s great Janelle is living in an RV. My tiny home allows me more of my modest income to enjoy life.