Sister Wives star Janelle Brown celebrates son Garrison’s birthday without dad Kody amid father-son feud

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown
Janelle and Kody Brown’s son Garrison celebrated his birthday over the weekend, and Kody was absent. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown’s son Garrison recently celebrated his 24th birthday.

Garrison, whose legal first name is Robert, turned 24 on April 10, and his mom Janelle shared some pics and video footage from the special day.

On Instagram, Janelle shared a photo of Garrison posing with his gift and a video of the family singing him Happy Birthday before he blew out the candles on his cake.

Garrison Brown celebrates 24th birthday with mom Janelle Brown

“Celebrated Garrison’s @robertthebrown birthday over the weekend,” Janelle captioned her post. “Apparently they have these super detailed Lego sets for older kids/ kids at heart / collectors / anyone with enough patience. So we got together and gave him one.”

“I secretly think his brothers are all jealous. Legos were the toy of choice growing up at our house . Excuse our non-professional singing voices on the second picture. ?? It’s the heart that counts more sometimes,” Janelle concluded the caption.

Garrison posed with his signature, raised-eyebrow facial expression as he held his Star Wars-themed Lego Republic Gunship set.

As the family sang Garrison happy birthday, his delicious cake was displayed. Janelle received several comments asking what kind of cake it was, so she explained in the comments section.

janelle brown shared garrison's birthday cake recipe on IG
Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Janelle shared the delicious yet simple recipe with her curious fans: “The cake is simply ice cream sandwiches, whipped topping, and ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream sundae toppings.”

Kody Brown absent from Garrison’s birthday amid feud

However, missing from Garrison’s birthday post was his dad, Kody Brown. Kody doesn’t typically post about his family members’ birthdays on social media, so it’s not too much of a surprise.

However, Garrison and Kody’s relationship troubles came to light last season on Sister Wives and could have something to do with Kody’s absence. Garrison was still living at home with Janelle during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and was working in public and continuing with his social life.

Garrison’s decisions defied Kody’s strict pandemic rules for the family, causing a rift between them. At one point, Kody suggested that Janelle kick Garrison out of her home, which she firmly refused to do.

“Kody started to realize that maybe Garrison had more of a social life than he thought he did, so he wanted me to have Garrison move out but I felt like that was the wrong move,” Janelle confessed.

During the one-on-one Tell All following Season 16 of Sister Wives, Kody opened up about his strained relationship with his sons.

Kody revealed that he and Garrison (as well as his other son Gabriel) weren’t on speaking terms. Calling their relationship “not good,” Kody said of his relationship with his son, “We need therapy.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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