Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown accuses dad Kody Brown of physical abuse

Gwen and Kody Brown
Gwendlyn says her dad, Kody, left her with bruises from spanking her. Pic credit: @gwendlynbrown and ©

Gwendlyn Brown says her father, Sister Wives star Kody Brown, was physically abusive towards her.

Lately, Gwendlyn has been outspoken when it comes to her supersized, once-polygamous family.

Gwendlyn records YouTube videos on her channel, recapping past Sister Wives episodes, and recently she shared some personal information on her Patreon.

Answering questions from her fans, Gwendlyn encountered one of her followers who wanted to know whether Kody was ever physically abusive towards her or any of the other Brown children.

“I remember being bruised a few times when my dad would spank me,” Gwendlyn revealed, per The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“Or he has admitted to throwing me in the air to scare me into not doing something,” Gwendlyn added. “So, yes, he has been physically abusive.”

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown says Kody Brown’s spankings ‘bruised her’

Gwendlyn, whose biological mother is Christine Brown, continued, “I know some people disagree that spanking is abuse, and it is. It is an excessive way to discipline your children. There are better ways that won’t leave them emotionally scarred.”

Sister Wives viewers will undoubtedly remember the infamous scene during Season 17 when Kody likened Christine’s actions to a knife in his kidney. According to Gwendlyn, this type of behavior is common for Kody off-camera.

Gwendlyn told her followers about her father, “We are starting to see the true side of him. He has yelled at me like this before. This may be new, as of this decade or something, but this is how he is now.”

Kody and Meri have been accused of physically abusing some of the Brown family’s children

Kody is the latest of the Brown family’s parents to be accused of abuse. This after his ex-wife, Meri Brown, was accused of the same.

Amid all of the accusations surrounding her, Meri has remained mum. Paedon was the first of Kody’s children to accuse Meri of abuse, followed by Gwendlyn and Mykelti.

Gwendlyn said that growing up, Meri was “rude and scary” and claimed she saw her get physical with Mykelti. For her part, Mykelti recorded a Patreon video of her own, telling her fans that because of Meri’s abuse, she’s chosen to cut her out of her and her children’s lives.

Kody has also remained quiet, except for formally announcing his split from Meri in January 2023. During recent seasons of Sister Wives, Kody partook in live tweeting during the episodes. However, since his family dynamic has crumbled, he hasn’t had much to say.

Kody and his last wife standing, Robyn Brown, are still living in Flagstaff with their five children. Robyn has also remained silent in recent months, and her social media activity has gone radio silent as well.

On the contrary, Christine, Janelle, and Meri have stayed active on social media and continue to live their best lives while Kody and Robyn are left to pick up the pieces.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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