Sister Wives star Christine Brown mocks polygamy during live video

Sister Wives star Christine Brown
Christine Brown made a joke about polygamy in a recent live video. Pic credit: TLC

Amid her recent split from Kody Brown, Sister Wives star Christine Brown mocked polygamy during a recent live video.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Christine split from Kody in November 2021 after nearly 27 years of spiritual marriage.

Walking away from her plural marriage meant that Christine also walked away from polygamy. Although Christine grew up in a polygamous household and often praised plural marriage, she eventually discovered how much happier she is without it.

As she often does, Christine recently shared a “car confession” on her Instagram Stories.

In the video, Christine talked about wearing double French braids and compared how she looks while wearing them to her daughters sporting the hairstyle.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown mocks polygamist hairstyle during live video

“Car confessions!” Christine cheerfully exclaimed from her car, as she typically does.

She continued, “Alright, why is it some people can pull off the double French braid… see, huh? But some can’t. Obviously, I can’t really as well as my daughters. My daughters can pull off this so cute, but me? I just look like a polygamist. How ironic.”

Christine’s snarky comments about the hairstyle were seemingly aimed at the polygamous lifestyle, of which she is no longer a part. Typically, in the more conservative polygamist communities, French braids are a common hairstyle among women.

Christine Brown’s life after split from Kody Brown

Since leaving plural marriage, Christine is thriving. She made her dream come true and moved back to Utah where she’s closer to her older children, Aspyn, Mykelti, and Paedon.

Kody and Christine share six biological children among the 18 children in their polygamous family. In addition to Aspyn, Mykelti, and Paedon, the former couple also shares Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely.

Christine has been filming her new cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine, from her new duplex home in Utah. So far, she’s had her daughters join her as special guests in the kitchen while she whips up family-favorite recipes.

Sister Wives fans are loving Christine’s cooking show as well as her newfound independence. Since her split from Kody, Christine has stayed in close contact with her former sister wife, Janelle Brown.

The two recently vacationed in Orlando, Florida at Disney World with some of their kids, and per usual, Kody was nowhere to be seen.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. Cooking with Just Christine airs every Sunday on

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Stacy Scotte
Stacy Scotte
2 years ago

Chritine made a choice to have that life, style. she made a choice to leave, Time to stop playing the victim.

2 years ago

Christine woke up and realized her life wasn’t going to get any better. She left and is free, happy, and thriving and being the woman she deserves to be without any of them. Her love for her family proves it and she is no victim but a survivor to walk away. The victims are the three who are staying! Christine keep up the work and moving on. Your old life style is in your past now. Team Christine!

2 years ago

so glad she left Kody, have watched the show from the beginning and it very clear that the only wife he is worried about is Robyn. She whines and cries over everything! Janelle and Meri should use Kody like he has used them over the years