Sister Wives star Christine Brown doesn’t think Kody and Robyn will add another wife, but Robyn is open to it

Christine Brown Tell All TLC
Christine doesn’t think Kody and Robyn will add any more wives to their marriage. Pic credit: TLC

The final installment of Sister Wives’ Season 17 Tell All is just around the corner, and Kody Brown and his wives (and ex-wives) continue to reveal more details about their broken polygamous marriage.

In a preview clip from Sunday’s third and final episode of One on One, Christine Brown sits down again with host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan to talk about Kody’s relationship with his fourth and last-standing wife, Robyn Brown.

Suki asks Christine if she thinks that Kody and Robyn can live in a monogamous world.

Christine feels as though Robyn and Kody will always be a little “sad” that their “dream” of plural marriage and family didn’t work out the way they intended.

However, Christine admits that she doesn’t see them looking for another wife to add to the mix.

“I don’t think that they would go look for another wife after this,” Christine admits, adding that it would be “a lot of work” to add another wife to the marriage, especially after seeing all that has gone wrong, leading her and Janelle to leave Kody.

Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown doesn’t think Kody will take on another wife

“And, if they’re just happy with each other – and I perceive from this, being soulmates with each other – is there room for anybody else really? I don’t know. I’m just saying,” Christine tells Suki.

Next up, Robyn sits down with Suki and discusses whether she thinks Kody will bring any more wives into their marriage amid his split from Christine and Janelle.

Robyn ponders the question for a second before replying that she is unsure. According to Robyn, Kody has told her that he’s “basically said no” to the idea of taking on more wives.

Suki then presses Robyn, since she’s always pushed for their plural marriage to work, asking her if she could see herself urging Kody to add another wife.

Robyn Brown can see herself pushing Kody to take another wife

“I… I can,” Robyn admits, looking uncomfortable with the question. “But, I’m scared of it because of how badly this has gone.”

Is Kody Brown searching for a new bride?

Christine and Robyn’s speculation about Kody adding another wife comes on the heels of Monsters and Critics reporting that Kody is, indeed, actively seeking another wife to add to his polygamous marriage.

According to a source close to the Brown family, Kody is trying to uphold his reputation as a “proud” polygamist and is on the prowl for his fifth wife. In recent months, Kody and Robyn have been living as a monogamous couple.

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Kody’s ultra-strict rules for his family caused division between him and his wives, namely Christine and Janelle. Meri and Robyn were willing to abide by his rules, but Janelle and Christine weren’t fully on board.

Since then, Kody has also made it clear that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Meri anymore, although she continues to hold onto hope that they’ll reconcile. With Christine, Janelle, and Meri out of Kody’s sights, he’s focused on Robyn and their kids, living solely in her Flagstaff home which they share with Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, and Ariella.

Despite the insider’s notion that Kody is on the hunt for another bride, he’s also questioned his belief in polygamy. During last season’s Tell All, Kody told Suki that he questioned plural marriage “all the time.”

However, Kody has surprised Sister Wives viewers on more than one occasion, so it likely wouldn’t shock anyone either way, whether he stays monogamous with Robyn, or if he adds another wife to their marriage.

Part 3 of the Season 17 Sister Wives Tell All, One on One, airs Sunday, January 8 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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