Sister Wives spoilers: Janelle Brown refuses to be ‘beaten into submission’ by Kody

Janelle and Kody Brown during confessionals
Janelle refuses to be yelled at by Kody over his COVID-19 rules. Pic credit: TLC

During an intense conversation on the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown loses his temper with Janelle Brown, but she refuses to be “beaten into submission.”

Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules continue to take hold of his relationships with his wives and kids this season on Sister Wives.

Last season, Sister Wives viewers watched Kody’s ultra-strict rules “ruin the family,” something that Janelle admitted was the biggest problem in their marriage.

In the Sunday, December 11 episode of Sister Wives, Kody has an outdoor discussion with Janelle, Robyn, and Meri that quickly takes a left turn.

Kody believes that Janelle was worthy of blame for not adhering to his strict family rules concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

In her husband’s eyes, Janelle was culpable for not having any respect for him.

Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown loses his temper with Janelle over COVID-19 rules

For her part, Janelle feels that Kody forced her to choose between him and their kids. Although Kody claims Janelle belittled his rules, she tells him that he didn’t even give her the rules until two weeks before Thanksgiving.

That’s when things get heated – Kody points his finger at Janelle, telling her, “That’s not true! That’s a blatant lie!”

Janelle grabs her purse and is ready to leave the discussion, but somehow Robyn encourages her to stay and talk it out.

Kody continues his rage, however. “Sorry, I’m mad as hell, because you know what? Everybody put this s**t on me! And when I finally get sick from COVID… that was a death-like experience! Aw, man!”

Kody goes on, telling his wives that he was trying to protect his family, especially the younger children from the virus, but realizes now that he can’t run from it forever.

When Janelle tells him their conversation is the “same old, same old,” he loses his temper and punches his chair. Kody is angered that his efforts to “save” Janelle weren’t appreciated.

Kody can’t contain his anger and blames Christine’s split on his strict rules and the family not agreeing with them, admitting that his “heart is broken.”

During her confessional, Janelle shares her frustration with Kody.

Janelle Brown: ‘I don’t need to be beaten into submission’ by Kody

“Kody’s acting like I was a COVID denier; I was not a COVID denier,” Janelle says, noting that she followed all of the CDC’s guidelines, wearing a mask, washing her hands, and getting vaccinated.

“I don’t have to stand here and defend myself,” Janelle continues. “This is the same old argument. I don’t need to be beaten into submission, made to kowtow… I’m just not. I just don’t need this.”

You can watch the sneak peek of Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives here.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.