Sister Wives spoilers: Christine Brown celebrates 50th birthday with a party but guess who’s not invited?

Christine is celebrating her 50th birthday with a themed party. Pic credit: Discovery+

Christine Brown is celebrating a milestone birthday on the next episode of Sister Wives.

The mom of six is excited to plan a party with the help of her daughters, Mykelti and Aspyn, and she’s being very selective about her guest list.

In a clip from the Sunday, September 17 episode of Sister Wives, Aspyn and Mykelti visit their mom in her Utah duplex to put together the finishing touches for a “costume-required” 1920s-themed bash.

As the ladies sit at the table to discuss the invites, Christine has to think about who to invite… and who not to invite.

At the top of the list is Janelle Brown, Christine’s former sister wife and close friend.

But there are a couple of Christine’s other former family members who aren’t making the guest list, and it’s not that surprising. Any guesses?

Sister Wives spoiler: Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown didn’t make the cut for Christine’s birthday celebration

“I won’t be inviting Kody or Robyn or Meri,” Christine confesses to TLC’s cameras.

“And the kids that I still have contact with and that I do things with, they’ll all be invited,” Christine shares. “Yes, but not everybody,” she adds with a shrug.

As a clip from a former family get-together plays, Christine notes that so many of the Brown family gatherings were “tense.”

Christine wants a ‘drama-free’ birthday party, unlike many former Brown family functions

In fact, Christine reveals that she didn’t feel like she was a wife but more of a “second-class citizen.” For that reason, Christine admits that she’s only going to invite people who she “really wants to hang out with” to make for an “easy and relaxing” party without any drama.

Interestingly, although Kody isn’t invited to her party, Christine is adding his mom, Genielle, to the guest list.

Christine admits that it’s a “sticky situation” figuring out who to include and who to exclude, especially since she’s still on good terms with some of Kody’s family members.

“It’s weird to cross over like that, inviting Kody’s mom, but I would never invite him,” Christine explains. “I love a lot of Kody’s family.”

Janelle and Christine enjoyed a costume party to celebrate Christine’s 50th birthday

As we already know from social media, Christine wound up going with a 1920s theme for her 50th birthday bash. As Monsters and Critics reported, Christine was joined by Janelle and her daughter Savanah and several of their daughters.

Janelle posted photos from the party on her Instagram, telling Christine, “[Thank you] for inviting Savanah and I to your 50th birthday party / 1920s Murder Mystery party. What a blast.”

“And yes, like you, I’m addicted to these,” Janelle noted. “SO MUCH FUN! Let’s do it again soon!”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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