Sister Wives spoiler: Watch Janelle Brown put Kody on blast for making her choose between him and their sons

Janelle Brown confessional
Janelle gives Kody a piece of her mind on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives. Pic credit: Discovery+

Janelle Brown is fed up with Kody Brown’s shenanigans.

Kody implemented some absurd rules for his family when the coronavirus pandemic hit, and years later, he’s still griping about being disobeyed.

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, we see Janelle go off, reaming out her now ex-husband for forcing her to choose between having a relationship with him or their sons, Garrison and Gabriel.

Ever since Kody imposed his ridiculous COVID-19 rules upon his family, tensions have mounted to an all-time high.

Janelle was willing to follow the CDC’s guidelines but felt Kody’s protocols went too far, thereby angering the father of 18.

In a preview clip from the September 3 episode of Sister Wives, Janelle and Kody are at each other’s throats during a heated argument that ends with door-slamming and F-bombs being tossed around.

Sister Wives sneak peek: Janelle and Kody Brown go head-to-head in a heated argument over his COVID-19 rules

Kody and Janelle are seated in her new Flagstaff apartment as they discuss his desire for their sons to issue him an apology for not adhering to his rules, which has since driven a wedge between them and the rest of the family.

When Kody accuses Janelle of not representing him the way he would like, she suggests that he call their sons and open up the lines of communication.

“You always put it back on me,” Janelle angrily tells Kody.

During her solo confessional, Janelle admits that she’s surprised that Kody still feels it’s her responsibility to facilitate a relationship between him and their kids.

“He’s a parent just as much as I am,” Janelle confesses.

Kody forced Janelle to choose between their marriage or a relationship with their children

Back on the couch, Janelle accuses Kody of “always flipping” everything back on her, which Kody boldly believes “belongs on” her.

When Janelle asks Kody why the responsibility falls in her lap, he stands firm that his wives should have implemented his rules.

“Because you didn’t support my stand when it came to actually doing COVID stuff,” Kody tells Janelle.

Janelle’s anger escalates as she recalls Kody telling her to “choose her loyalties” or else she “won’t have a husband.”

“So I’m supposed to choose between you and our children? That’s what you basically said,” Janelle claims.

According to Kody, all Janelle has to do is support what he’s doing and make a united front with him as their children’s parents.

Kody then tells Janelle that he’s tired of her gaslighting him while she throws the same allegation back at him.

Kody and Janelle can’t see eye-to-eye

“So listen, you really need to stop throwing me under the bus, okay?” Kody says, further angering Janelle.

Janelle grows even more irate when she recounts Kody suggesting that she kick their sons out of her home during the height of the coronavirus pandemic for not abiding by their father’s rules.

When Kody asks whether Janelle wants their relationship to work, she asks the same question. The argument continues, with nothing being resolved.

As we know from pre-season previews, their heated argument ends with Kody storming off while Janelle screams, “F**k you!” at him, a moment that had Sister Wives fans cheering Janelle on.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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