Sister Wives spoiler: Robyn Brown hospitalized for COVID-19

Robyn Brown Sister Wives confessional
Robyn contracted COVID-19 despite Kody’s ultra-strict protocols. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s strict protocols during the coronavirus pandemic apparently weren’t enough to keep his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, from getting sick.

In a shocking, new, mid-season super trailer for Season 17 of Sister Wives, it’s revealed that not only did Robyn contract COVID-19, but she had to be hospitalized.

Along with highlighting the brokenness among Kody and his remaining three wives following Christine Brown’s split, the preview gives Sister Wives viewers a glimpse at Robyn’s battle with the virus.

“We were following all the protocols and still, somehow, [COVID-19] got us,” Robyn declared during a solo confessional in the clip.

In the next scene, Robyn could be seen wearing a mask and lying on a gurney, seemingly filmed from inside of a hospital room.

“I’m… just waiting to see the doctor,” a tired-looking and makeup-free Robyn tells the camera.

Sister Wives spoiler: Robyn Brown lands in hospital after contracting COVID-19

According to Kody’s statements, it appears as though Robyn’s illness was potentially life-threatening.

“I think that I was sitting there watching Robyn, wondering if she was going to live,” Kody confessed to the cameras.

Sister Wives viewers will likely remember some of Kody’s ultra-strict rules for his family, which included sanitizing purchased products and groceries with alcohol wipes before they could enter their homes, changing clothing after public outings, and not allowing anyone other than their local Flagstaff family enter their homes, among others.

a list of kody brown's covid-19 rules for his family as seen on sister wives
Kody’s rules for his family regarding COVID-19. Pic credit: TLC

Despite the rules Kody had in place, not everyone in the mega-sized, polygamous family was on board with them. Namely, Christine and Janelle, as well as their kids, weren’t willing to abide by Kody’s rules, causing tension within their relationships.

Kody Brown also contracted the virus — Was he responsible for spreading it to the family?

And, although Kody implemented “inhumane” rules for himself and his family, he revealed last year that he, too, contracted the virus, as did his and Robyn’s nanny. Kody said of contracting COVID-19, “It did bad things to me and it was really hard.”

Kody recently recorded a Cameo video for a fan which was shared to Reddit. In the recording, Kody admitted that he did have COVID-19, but said he couldn’t talk about it because it would be a Sister Wives spoiler.

As it turns out, Robyn and Kody have both fully recovered from their illnesses. It’s unclear at this point how they contracted the virus or if the reason will be revealed on Sister Wives.

It’s possible that Kody was the one to spread the virus to Robyn – during the October 23 episode, titled The Failed Priest, Kody travels to Oklahoma to officiate a friend’s wedding. During his four-day trip, Kody didn’t wear a mask or isolate himself, but rather joined the crowd on the dance floor as he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Karma is a you-know-what.

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Nana B
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I was thinking the same thing!