Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown tries to force Christine Brown to stay in Flagstaff even if she remarries

Kody Brown and his ex-wife Christine Brown on Sister Wives
Kody told Christine that she could remarry and bring her new spouse to Flagstaff to avoid breaking up the family. Pic credit: TLC

In a new look at Sunday night’s premiere of Sister Wives, Kody Brown demands that his then-third wife Christine Brown stay in Flagstaff if she remarries and tells her not to “break up the family.”

The events leading up to Christine deciding to split from Kody will play out during Season 17 of Sister Wives and fans of the show are on the edges of their seats as they await Sunday night’s premiere episode.

TLC has slowly leaked clips from Season 17 of Sister Wives over the last few weeks. In those clips, Christine and Kody have engaged in “The Conversation” leading up to their split.

The former spouses sat across from each other at a table as they self-filmed. In Part 3 of “The Conversation,” Christine calmly tried to reason with Kody, explaining how she was struggling with figuring out how to move on and keep their family intact.

In the clip, Christine tells Kody, “I don’t know how to make it function as a family. I don’t know how to stay here in Flagstaff.”

Kody didn’t let Christine finish before he gave her explicit details on how he felt she should handle things: “You can grow up and do it. You can go, you get married to somebody else. You can bring them here and they can become part of the family. You don’t break up the family with what you’re trying to do… if you’re a grownup.”

Kody Brown demands that Christine stay in Flagstaff if she remarries in Sister Wives preview

When Christine questioned whether Kody expected her to stay in Flagstaff, he brought up the fact that they share children together, adding that she’s “poisoned the well” for him.

Kody added, “I don’t have to be your lover to be able to be a good parent to our children.”

Christine is living her new life as a single monogamist woman

Christine formally announced her split from Kody in November 2021 in an Instagram post. Following Christine’s lead, Kody publicly acknowledged that his third wife left him in his own social media post.

Since then, Sister Wives viewers know that Christine followed her dream of moving back to Utah, disobeying Kody’s wishes. Although Christine hasn’t moved on with another spouse (yet), she has voiced that she’s open to dating when the time is right; and this time, she’s looking for a man to call her own, leaving polygamy behind and living out the rest of her life as a monogamist.

Season 17 of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, September 11 at 10/9c on TLC.

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1 year ago

But hes not a good parent. Thats all him. He refused to do anything to comfort one of his kids having surgery, wouldnt go with her, didnt check on her. Dude couldnt even pick up the phone to call her. Covid isnt coming thru the phone lines! Cant use that tired excuse.