Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown is ‘ambivalent,’ ‘almost doesn’t care’ Christine moved him out of her home

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown revealed that he “almost didn’t care” that Christine packed up his belongings and put them in her garage. Pic credit: TLC

In Sunday night’s finale episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown reveals that he feels “ambivalent” and “almost doesn’t care” that his wife Christine Brown packed up his belongings.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Christine boxed up and labeled Kody’s things from her house and moved them into the garage in a bold move that signaled she was ready to end her marriage to Kody.

Christine’s decision to pack up Kody and prepare to move him out came after the Brown family patriarch told her that he didn’t want an intimate marriage with her any longer.

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Sister Wives season finale: Kody Brown discovers Christine packed his belongings in the garage

Now, in a new clip from Sunday’s season finale, as shared by ET, Kody is seen filming himself from Christine’s garage, where he discovers that she has packed up even more of his belongings.

“I’m at Christine’s again, and I noticed more, uh, more boxes,” Kody says as he films from Christine’s garage with a quiet voice and surprise in his tone.

Kody continued to read the writing on the boxes that Christine labeled, such as his things from his nightstand, his clothes, and his “bathroom stuff.”

As Kody continues to look around at the assortment of boxes that Christine has packed up, he says, “I guess it’s time to talk to her about it.”

Kody seemed to try and play it off as though he wasn’t affected by Christine’s gesture, but his surprise was evident as he counted nine boxes labeled with his name.

“I have been moved out of my house!” Kody said after counting the boxes.

Christine took a turn on the confessional couch and told cameras, “Now that we’re here and now that Kody’s not sleeping here anymore, I feel like I can take a breath and get myself grounded and get my head in a good place and just rest for a bit and just settle for a bit… here… independent.”

Kody and Christine Brown uncertain about their futures

Back in the garage, Kody continued to look confused during moments of silence before telling the camera, “I don’t know how to feel about this,” with a nervous smile.

As Kody looked around and found yet another box labeled with his things, he was in disbelief and looked bewildered.

Admitting that he didn’t want to move any of the boxes out of the garage yet, Kody admitted that he “didn’t know that [Christine] was this serious.”

Sister Wives fans might also remember when Kody called Christine’s bluff about being serious enough to leave him and move back to Utah – we all know now that Kody was way wrong.

“I’ve had times [in the] past where she’s said something and I didn’t feel like she was serious,” Kody admitted. “I don’t know. I don’t know what it all means.”

Christine also admitted that she didn’t exactly know what it meant, either, telling the cameras, “I don’t know what the future looks like.”

Kody Brown thinks Christine is playing a ‘game,’ says he’s ‘ambivalent’

“I don’t know what tomorrow looks like,” Christine continued. “I don’t know what next week looks like. I don’t know! There’s so many uncertainties.”

Christine then elaborated on the minimal time she and Kody spend together and noted that when they are together, there isn’t any intimacy shared between them.

“Kody will come over and he’ll spend time with the kids and then he’ll leave and go somewhere else. And he won’t sleep here anymore,” Christine added.

Kody mentioned that he felt he needed to talk to Christine about “how serious” she was before he decided how he “really feels.”

“If I decide… I mean, honestly, I’m… thinking about it a little bit and… I’m not angry. It appears to be a game, but it might not be. I don’t know.”

“Um, I don’t know why, uh, but I’m ambivalent,” Kody said. “I… almost don’t care.”

Be sure to tune in Sunday to catch the rest of Season 16’s finale episode.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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