Sister Wives spoiler: Janelle Brown opens up about Kody’s ‘preference’ for Robyn

Janelle and Kody Brown of Sister Wives on TLC
Janelle revealed that her and Kody’s kids think he has a “preference” for his fourth wife, Robyn. Pic credit: TLC

Season 17 of Sister Wives is underway and already, Kody Brown’s wives are speaking out about his “favorite” wife, Robyn Brown.

Only one episode into the season, Sister Wives viewers have already watched Christine Brown break the news to Kody that she’s leaving him and polygamy behind in Flagstaff. Part of her decision was based on what Sister Wives fans have thought for years: Kody has a favorite wife in Robyn.

In a preview for Sunday’s episode, Janelle opens up about the state of her marriage to Kody, and reveals that their kids aren’t happy with how Kody has treated their mom.

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A new clip seen below, as shared by TLC, opens with Kody accusing his sons, Garrison and Gabriel, of having “narcissistic” attitudes and telling their dad they “never want to be around” him again.

Christine chimes in during a solo confessional and admits that Janelle’s kids have been frustrated for years by how Kody has mistreated their mom, despite Janelle claiming that her marriage to Kody is “everything she needs it to be.”

Kody then tells the camera during his self-filmed confessional that he called up Janelle and told her that Garrison and Gabriel needed to move out of her house. Janelle finds Kody’s comment “hilarious,” claiming that her husband has threatened to do the same thing before on multiple occasions and noted that Kody isn’t even on her lease, as it’s solely in her name.

Kody Brown’s sons accuse him of favoring fourth wife Robyn Brown in Sister Wives preview

Kody feels that his boys are blaming him for adhering to rules regarding COVID-19 — a topic that Sister Wives viewers will remember divided the family at the height of the coronavirus pandemic — but Janelle explains that for Garrison and Gabriel, there’s much more than that to the story.

“So, for my boys, there’s so much more going on than just this fight over whether whose COVID[-19] rules should be followed, Kody’s or the CDC’s,” Janelle tells the camera. “They have, for a long time, perceived that Kody’s focus, you know, his time, everything was spent the majority at Robyn’s house, even when we lived in Vegas.”

Janelle continued, noting that Garrison and Gabriel feel as though Kody’s had a “real preference for Robyn” over his four wives (before Christine left the plural marriage) and said that Kody was at Robyn’s house because she was willing to abide by his COVID-19 rules.

Janelle says marriage to Kody is ‘good’ but ‘struggling’

Touching on her marriage with Kody — the couple has been spiritually married since 1993 with Janelle becoming Kody’s second wife, joining Meri — Janelle calls her relationship with Kody “good,” but admits that it’s “struggling.”

“I know what I need from Kody and I communicate that to him and he does a pretty good job meeting it,” Janelle admits. “What I have now is adequate. It works for me. But it doesn’t look like Robyn’s relationship with him.”

Janelle and Kody’s relationship has often been presumed to be a platonic one by Sister Wives fans. Last season during the Tell All, Kody admitted that his marriage to his second wife was “not in sync,” and a source close to the couple revealed earlier this year that their marriage is “more of a brother and sister relationship.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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1 year ago

I am certainly not being judgmental to anyone in any regards in this comment. I simply dont understand. Why is it the husband that sets the standard of expectations for the wives? Do wives not have preferences and expectations themselves? Rather than the wives meeting the husband’s standards, perhaps said husband should examine the expectations of a woman prior to becoming a wife. If he can’t meet it, perhaps he shouldn’t ask her to join the fold. Expectations and accountability are not one way streets. We are all accountable to each other. And since “people ” seem to be the issue here instead of the stated belief in God, “people” might want to be considerate of each other. Cuz, believe me, God has nothing to do with this situation. Its clearly all about the husband as its defined here. So sad.

Debra Hickman
Debra Hickman
1 year ago

This is the reason there should only be one wife. Kody is having his dream filled making himself think he is the most desirable man around, and deep down loves the attention of all of them feuding over him I have watched this show maybe 3 times and the last show where the wife was leaving. Kody seems like a narcissist everything is everybody else’s fault and he does not take any blame.I don’t care to watch a show where they have made their own rules of marriage and Kody made hisself KING