Sister Wives spoiler: Janelle Brown doesn’t think Kody sees the urgency in her being forced out of rental

Sister Wives polygamists Janelle and Kody Brown
Janelle and Kody weren’t sure what to do about Janelle’s living situation. Pic credit: TLC

Janelle and Kody Brown are perplexed in the October 2 episode of Sister Wives when Janelle is forced to make a decision about her living situation.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Janelle was forced out of her Flagstaff rental property when the owner decided to list it for sale.

Although Janelle considered buying the fixer-upper home, which was listed at a more-than-reasonable price given the market, she entertained another idea that she felt would make more sense financially.

In a preview clip from Sunday’s episode, Janelle confronts Kody about her plans, but she and her husband don’t have any clear cut answers.

Janelle reveals during a solo confessional that if she were to get approved for a mortgage on the rental property, “It’s the same money that would really give me a very healthy start here, building.”

Janelle approaches Kody as he works on some projects on Coyote Pass, the Brown family’s property which they purchased in 2018.

Janelle Brown is forced to find a new living situation when her rental goes up for sale on the next Sister Wives

Kody notes the family’s biggest struggle when it comes to financing is getting the property lines reworked, which would mean they would have to pay off the land. He then explains that when they purchased Coyote Pass, they were initially planning on only purchasing two lots, but they ended up buying four, which they are trying to reconfigure into five lots.

janelle brown's rental home in flagstaff
Janelle’s rental home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pic credit: TLC

With Christine announcing her split from Kody and the family, Kody and Janelle are left wondering how reconfiguring the lots will work.

Despite their questions about Coyote Pass, Janelle was forced to make a decision, and quickly — she only had two months to find a new place to live. Kody surmises that it should be “easy” for Janelle to find a rental, since she only has to house herself and their youngest child, 17-year-old daughter Savanah.

Janelle doesn’t feel Kody Brown is taking her urgency to move seriously enough

However, Janelle says she “doesn’t get it” and complains that Kody isn’t taking it seriously enough that she needs to find a new home so quickly.

“Kody is so always twisted up about this thing. Like, I don’t have a house! I don’t have a house!” Janelle confesses before noting that she may look into buying an RV to park on Coyote Pass while she puts all of her resources into her future home build on the property.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.