Sister Wives spoiler: Is Kody Brown done with plural marriage? Says he questions polygamy ‘all the time’

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown hinted that he’s through with plural marriage during the final installment of Sister Wives: One on One. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown admitted that he questions whether plural marriage is still for him during the finale of Sister Wives: One on One.

As viewers watched during Season 16 of Sister Wives, Kody struggled in his spiritual marriages to Meri, Janelle, and Christine.

Christine reached her breaking point and eventually left Kody, announcing her split in November 2021, as previously reported by Monsters & Critics.

It seemed as though Robyn was Kody’s only wife who shared a “fully functioning relationship” with him. Now, Kody’s remarks seem to indicate that he’s ready to say goodbye to polygamy.

Sister Wives: One on One finale: Kody Brown is ‘angry as hell’ over Christine’s views on polygamy

In a new preview clip from Sunday’s finale, Kody explained to host Sukanya Krishnan (Suki) that he felt his now-ex-wife Christine Brown was hypocritical by telling him she hated polygamy while boasting about it publicly.

“She told me once she hated plural marriage,” Kody said of Christine while they were still living in Lehi, Utah before Robyn joined the family.

Kody added that Christine told him she “hated this lifestyle” and he told Suki, ” And she’s living two lives — she’s promoting talking about how she loves plural marriage and all this stuff and how ‘I didn’t want the husband, I wanted the sister wives, I wanted this family,’ and all these things. At the same time, she’s telling me she hates plural marriage.”

When Suki asked Kody how that made him feel, he revealed, “I can look back on this one and see the mistake. The mistake I made was not saying, ‘I’m so sorry. I love you and I validate what you’re saying,’ you know?”

Kody Brown questions polygamy ‘all the time,’ Christine admits she ‘doesn’t want’ it

Instead, Kody said it made him angry. “It made me angry as hell. When you really start getting honest, you start looking at the heavens and going, ‘Sheesh, Father, I mean, you inspired me to do this. Why is it such a mess now?'”

Kody added that Christine’s remarks had him questioning polygamy. “Oh, hell yes, I question it all the time,” he admitted.

Next, Christine sat down across from Suki and admitted, “Yeah, I don’t want polygamy. That’s for sure.”

Christine explained that polygamy isn’t for her anymore and that she can “check” that off her list of things she’s tried that didn’t work for her.

janelle, christine, kody, robyn, and meri brown of sister wives
Kody Brown and his wives during happier times. Pic credit: TLC

Janelle, Robyn, and Meri weigh in on Kody’s wavering views on polygamy

For Janelle’s turn on the couch, she told Suki that she does, in fact, still believe in polygamy, despite questioning it during the height of the pandemic. However, after some “soul searching,” Janelle realized that she “wants to be here still.”

Robyn pondered what Kody would do if he’s no longer interested in living a polygamous lifestyle. Robyn mentioned that they’ve seen similar outcomes within their community, when husbands decide they’re “done living plural marriage.”

Meri ended the clip by telling Suki that she and Kody have both put a lot of work into their marriage. Although Meri still “sees the value” in polygamy, she wasn’t sure that Kody still does.

When it comes to giving up, Kody has stated previously that he can’t go anywhere, but his wives can leave if they choose. During part one of the tell-all, Kody told Suki of wives in polygamy, “It’s a double standard. They can leave whenever they want. I can’t.”

However, Meri said Kody has the freedom to leave, too, if he so chooses.

“Anybody can do whatever they want,” Meri said. “If he wants to give up, he can give up. If he wants to walk away, he can walk away.”

The third and final installment of Sister Wives: One on One airs on Sunday, February 20 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Well let’s look how Kody has turned his back to Meri and their relationship, why should Meri do all work to correct the message. He stated that she had an affair which never happened according to the storyline.
He just turned his back walked away.
He did the same with Christine, marriage take 3: hubby/wifey/couple. When you look at your wife, one of the Ioves of your life and tell them no more sex for you two no more sec with you just because, and you can’t understand why your marriages bite the dirt.
Kody Brown you need to learn about true love and then try it out.

2 years ago

Bahahahaha!!!! This is so funny! ???? yeah his gonna get his dumb a** out before they all leave him standing there holding his d*** ????