Sister Wives spoiler: Christine doesn’t think Janelle is ‘done’ with Kody yet

Is Janelle holding onto false hopes? Pic credit: Discovery+

Janelle Brown may be separated from Kody Brown, but does that mean it’s over for good? Christine Brown doesn’t think so.

In a preview from the Sunday, October 1, episode of Sister Wives, Christine meets up with Janelle for lunch to discuss where her relationship with Kody stands.

Admittedly, Christine didn’t realize how final things were between Janelle and Kody despite their massive blowup that ended with their separation.

“Well, I don’t know if I really knew either,” Janelle admits to Christine as they sit down for lunch. “But in the last month or so, I’m really realizing … see, it’s hard for me to say it’s final.”

Christine asks, “So you’re not there yet? Separated?”

Janelle admits that “for sure” she and Kody are separated, much to Christine’s delight, who tells her former sister wife that it’s great news.

But during a solo confessional, Christine gets brutally honest.

Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown thinks Janelle Brown deserves ‘something better’ than her marriage to Kody

“I don’t think she’s done yet,” Christine says. “She still has affection for him, and she’s just separated… very separated.”

During her own confessional, Janelle says Christine believes Janelle has been getting the rough end of the stick for a long time, much like she herself did before leaving Kody in 2021.

“And she took action, and now she feels like maybe I deserve something better,” Janelle confesses to the camera.

Back at the table, Christine opens a can of worms when she asks Janelle whether she’d ever be interested in a full marriage with Kody again if he were able to change.

In a typical matter-of-fact delivery, Janelle gives it to her straight, admitting, “Yes, but I think it’s unrealistic. I think it’s how he’s always been.”

Christine chimes in and admits that she thinks Kody has changed over the years, calling him “vastly different” than he used to be.

“I couldn’t be in love with who he is now,” Christine tells Janelle.

Admittedly, Janelle’s marriage to Kody just doesn’t work for her anymore, and she suspects that it’s because Kody has changed so drastically.

Janelle, who has become known for her independence, confesses that Kody isn’t interested in a wife who is unconstrained. And on top of that, Janelle isn’t interested in what Kody is looking for in a marriage.

Janelle is done with Kody promoting patriarchy

“He’s really advocating patriarchy, and I’m not that person,” says Janelle.

At one point, when he was still a polygamy proponent, Kody pushed to be the Brown family patriarch, expecting to be the head of the family.

After Christine hit the road, Kody made his expectations clear.

“I’m gonna be the head of my household again. And so I’m not gonna be circumvented in that,” Kody said. “And so, if everybody’s willing to conform to patriarchy again, I guess, ’cause I’ve been fighting to make everybody happy.”

Obviously, three out of four of Kody’s wives were no longer interested in his plan, although they all signed up for it when they joined the once-polygamous marriage.

These days, Kody is left with one wife, Robyn, who has been bearing the brunt of her husband’s divorces. And this season, we’re watching as Robyn is still pushing for their plural marriage to stay intact, begging Janelle and Meri to work out their issues with Kody, but we all know that Robyn’s efforts proved to be futile.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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