Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown says Meri’s struggles with Kody helped her decide she would leave him

Meri and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Meri and Christine Brown opened up about the moment Christine knew she was done in her marriage to Kody Brown. Pic credit: TLC

In tonight’s finale of Sister Wives: One on One, Meri and Christine Brown open up about the moment Christine knew her marriage to Kody Brown was over.

Sister Wives viewers will remember the scene during Season 16 when Christine tearfully exclaimed to Meri, “I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore,” after Kody shot down Christine’s dreams to move back to Utah.

In the scene, Meri tried to console Christine and reminded her to “just look at the mountain” to remember why she was in Flagstaff in the first place. But, Christine had already made up her mind at that point.

For part of Meri’s sit-down interview with Sister Wives: One on One host Sukanya Krishnan (Suki), the 51-year-old reality TV star talked about the incident.

Sister Wives: One on One finale: Meri Brown recalls consoling Christine when she ‘couldn’t do marriage with Kody’

“When she and I were out on the property, at that moment I thought that she was just mad or upset,” Meri divulged. “I thought I knew who she was and how she was and how, you know, committed she was to the family and stuff like that, because of, you know, so many years together.”

Meri told Suki that she went to Christine and tried to encourage her, telling her, “You’re stronger than this” and told her that she needed to “do the work” to fix the issues in her marriage to Kody.

Meri said that if there were issues with Kody or any of Christine’s sister wives, she was responsible for putting in the work to resolve them. She also mentioned how hard it is to recognize your own faults and work on them.

“You can’t just always place blame elsewhere,” Meri said of Christine’s struggles.

Next, Christine joined Suki on the couch, who pointed out that Meri possibly mirrored what her own future to Kody might look like. Christine admitted that she realized that wasn’t what she wanted for herself.

Christine Brown reveals Meri’s struggles with Kody helped her see it wasn’t the future she wanted

“Yeah, no, as soon as she said, ‘You know, it’s really hard for us, you know, how hard it’s been, how separate it’s been, I was like, ‘Yeah.’ And that’s not what I’m going to have. I’m not going to stay in that.”

Christine said it was that moment, then and there, that she decided, “That can’t be my future. There’s no hope in a future like that.”

“There’s no hope,” Christine continued, before bringing up the now-infamous scene when Meri told Christine to look at the mountains. “I can’t even look at those mountains where I first heard the angels sing. I can’t even… no.”

Christine felt as though Meri was trying to get her to see all of the reasons why she should stay, but it actually had a reverse effect and helped Christine to see what she didn’t want for herself.

Although Meri had good intentions, Christine admitted that moment was a bit of a “wakeup call” for her.

The third and final installment of Sister Wives: One on One airs tonight, Sunday, February 20 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Mari evans
Mari evans
2 years ago

Cody is an egotistical, domineering, arrogant jerk. All the wives should leave him. They deserve better

2 years ago

Meri will stay till her last breath on this earth for Kody. She can’f kiss his *** enough. She is the one beefing up his ego and loves it. She is obsessed with him and never got over the fact they are legally divorced. She is messed in the head as much as him. I find them to both be liar’s and desperate for attention to stay on this show. Those three women all have low self esteem to let his *** take control of their lives. They deserve whatever comes there way. Christine has guts, strong, smart and not afraid of him and walked the best miles of her life away from him.This is not going to have a happy ending for any of them including the children.