Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown calls out Kody for officiating friend’s wedding, neglecting their kids

Kody and his ex-wife Christine Brown
Christine called out Kody for officiating a friend’s wedding but refusing to accompany their daughter Ysabel to her surgery. Pic credit: TLC

In a sneak peek at the Sunday, October 23 episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown calls out Kody Brown for officiating a friend’s wedding while refusing to spend time with his own family.

For a few seasons now, Kody’s strict coronavirus pandemic protocols have been a major storyline on Sister Wives.

Kody’s self-imposed rules for his large, polygamous family have caused a divide between himself, his wives, and their 18 children.

Kody refused to travel from Arizona to New Jersey with Christine and their daughter Ysabel, who underwent back surgery to correct scoliosis in her spine. This season, Sister Wives viewers watched as Kody once again used COVID-19 as an excuse not to spend time with his family members.

In a new clip from Sunday’s episode, however, Kody is fine with officiating his friend’s wedding, something that angered some of his children and his ex-wife, Christine.

After video plays of Kody officiating the ceremony and having a blast on the dance floor, Christine sits down for a solo confessional and admits, “Janelle’s kids knew that Kody was officiating a wedding, and they told Gwen and Ysabel. So Gwendlyn’s mad. Ysabel’s heartbroken.”

Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown calls out Kody Brown for officiating friend’s wedding while neglecting his children

Christine confesses that Ysabel questioned how her dad could “justify” officiating a friend’s wedding when he refused to come along for her surgery.

During his solo confessional, Kody defends and explains away his actions: “Ysabel’s surgery was at a time and a situation where it would require that I’m six or eight weeks away from home. No man can be away from work and from home and from family that long. I was gone for four days for Brian’s wedding. That’s it.”

Christine is ‘mad,’ Kody says she’s making him out to look like a ‘villain’

Kody’s explanation isn’t enough for Christine, however, who admits she’s “mad” that Kody would swap taking care of his own family for officiating a wedding and rhetorically asks, “What the hell?”

Kody isn’t buying Christine’s explanations, accusing her of “protesting” too much, and he thinks that she’s trying to make him look like a “villain.”

For her part, Christine admits that she can no longer respect Kody because of his decisions and reveals how glad she is not to have to live with him anymore.

You can watch the preview clip in its entirety here.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.