Sister Wives shocker: Paedon Brown accuses Meri Brown of child abuse

Paedon and Meri Brown IG selfies
Paedon insinuated that his “mom,” Meri, was physically abusive towards some of Kody Brown’s children. Pic credit: @paedonbrown and @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown dropped a bomb when he revealed that Meri Brown was abusive towards some of Kody Brown’s children.

Meri has been teasing that there’s “so much more” to her story, but as it turns out, she isn’t the only one with some dirt on the Brown family.

Paedon, whose biological mom is Kody’s ex-wife, Christine Brown, has already spilled some major tea when it comes to his family, and now, he’s accusing his former “mom,” Meri, of child abuse.

In a recent interview, the 24-year-old revealed that Meri was “not nice” and, without explicitly saying so, implied that she was physically abusive towards him and some of his siblings.

“Earlier, it was said that, um… it’s ‘theorized’ that Meri was abrasive and something else. And I said that those two words were not harsh enough and not advanced enough,” Paedon revealed.

“Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically,” he added.

Paedon Brown accuses Sister Wives star Meri Brown of child abuse

When he was asked whether her behavior went further than verbal abuse, Paedon explained, “Oh, it moves so far past verbal. Verbal basically stopped existing.”

Although Paedon tried to exonerate himself by claiming that he didn’t say anything specifically, he reiterated a past tweet made by his sister, Madison “Maddie” Brown, who insinuated the same allegations against Meri.

Madison tweeted and deleted a message in 2019 that read, “Try being scared of someone your whole f**king life and she plays like she’s the one whose hurting! She was a monster! Now she’s attacking one of the few safety nets you had?” adding, “You can’t sub tweet s**t and not expect retaliation. Loyalty goes to those who were always kind.”

He elaborated, “No, we were never safe around her,” adding that his dad, Kody, wasn’t aware of Meri’s abuse for several years after it happened.

Paedon credits Robyn Brown with ‘opening several eyes’ to Meri’s abuse

Paedon went on to imply that Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn, who receives plenty of flak from Sister Wives viewers, actually “opened several eyes” to Meri’s alleged abuse. Because of that, Paedon said, he will “never hate” Robyn.

Paedon explained that because of Robyn’s former abusive relationship, she was able to see the signs that something was going on. He also implied that the abuse was severe, noting that Robyn likely “saved several of their lives.”

There may be an in-depth tell-all in the near future, as Paedon promised that once the very last episode of Sister Wives airs, he’ll spill the tea on everything that happened. But for now, Paedon doesn’t want to jeopardize his parents’ and siblings’ financial gain from the show, so he’s remaining tight-lipped on the details of the abuse.

According to Paedon, Meri only remains in contact with her only biological child, Leon, as well as Christine and Kody’s daughter, Gwendlyn, implying that the rest of the Brown children have cut her out of their lives.

Paedon’s admissions likely come as a shock to Sister Wives viewers, especially after Kody was made to look like the real villain on the show. Although Kody mistreated his wives, Paedon claimed that his father was never physically abusive towards anyone in the family. However, although he said he always felt “safe” with his dad during childhood, he added, “Sometime between [when I was] 12 and 15, he stopped being safe.”

It will be interesting to see if and how Meri, as well as the rest of the family, respond to the allegations. But as Paedon mentioned, with Sister Wives still on the air and with rumored multi-year contracts still in place, the Browns may likely remain quiet on the topic, at least for now.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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